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For Learning Leaders…

hey everybody its Tara Bryan good morning in the spirit of doing another video today I just wanted to quickly reach out to you even before I head into the office this morning this is a shout out for all the learning leaders out there I am just really curious to know what made you

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#1 Misconception about Starting a Digital Learning Project

There is a common misconception out there for a lot of our clients and a lot of other people who are looking to do learning projects and that misconception is that there needs to be content already organized and put together before you get started and that’s just not necessarily the case. What we really

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learning strategy

Learning Strategy: 3 Methods to Gain Leadership Support

Do you feel like it is impossible to get leadership’s support or attention for learning? Do they talk about how much they support it but their actions don’t match. It is hard and near impossible to lead your learning strategy when you don’t have support from your leadership team. In this session, we’ll cover: Three

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What Kind Of Learner Experience are You Creating?

One of my favorite things to do is to look at how other disciplines are applying successful techniques to attract and retain their customers. Speaking of customers – did you know that you have customers? Anyway, Marketing is a great place to learn techniques that can help us in learning and performance improvement. We talk

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Determine ROI in Elearning- Is It Possible? (Part 1)

There are many times when I am speaking to other learning professionals that the question of ROI comes up. Is it possible to isolate training as the factor that tipped a metric to be more favorable? Can we really look at metrics for training with any sort of reliability? I believe that we can and

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Do You Suffer From Execution Paralysis?

Do You Suffer From Execution Paralysis? You have set your strategic plan for the year – it is beautifully written and ready to go. Now all you need to do is execute. But wait– for some reason you are finding yourself procrastinating, or getting distracted or just plain overwhelmed. You are suffering from Execution Paralysis. 

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Raw Content

Information Is NOT the Same As Learning

One of the biggest challenges that exists as an Instructional Designer is the concept that information does not equal the learning materials. So often we get a powerpoint deck with bullets, a written list, or a manual and we are told that everything is there, just go ahead and put it into a tool. Maybe

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Training Strategy

Do You Have a Training Strategy For New Hires? (Part 1 of 2)

Congratulations- you are growing and therefore are in a position to hire a large group of new hires to fulfill work positions within your organization. This is a great achievement and marks positive growth within your business. However, you and your management team may feel stress and anxiety as you prepare for this large influx

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feet or no feet

Feet or No Feet? A Visual Design Debate

Visual Design Debate Challenge We have a bit of a debate going on right now at the office. Feet or no feet in elearning? Consider these two images:   Which image do you like better? Which one draws you more into the interaction? In most cases, the learner is the active participant in the course. They

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