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Feet or No Feet? A Visual Design Debate

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Visual Design Debate Challenge

We have a bit of a debate going on right now at the office. Feet or no feet in elearning? Consider these two images:



Which image do you like better? Which one draws you more into the interaction?

In most cases, the learner is the active participant in the course. They need to DO something or engage with what is happening. Since the learner is looking at the course from their computer or tablet and they are close to the screen, they will feel more engaged and part of the action if the characters are closer to them just as if they were together in an actual room.

The scene on the right is okay, but I feel more like an observer versus an active participant because they are so far away. If this is your objective, then it is appropriate. A better learner experience would be to have this as an opening scene and make it animated so the characters are walking towards the learner. Then in the next scene (slide) zoom in so it feels like the learner is in the room with the characters on the screen. This way the interactions are connected to what the learner needs to do.

What do you think? Do you have a preference for feet or no feet?

Tara L Bryan

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