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How much content is enough

How Much Content Is Enough in A Course?

One of my favorite conversations to have with subject matter experts and technical experts is defining how much content needs to be given to people as they learn new material. This age old debate is a fun one to explore. Typically, content experts (subject matter experts, technical experts, compliance folks, etc.) look at courses from

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Content conversion

Content Conversion 101: A Powerpoint Deck is Not an Online Course

One of my goals in life is to help learning practitioners and subject matter experts really understand that a powerpoint deck converted to elearning is not a great learning experience. Powerpoint decks and other source materials are great raw materials to create an awesome course, but your powerpoint deck with bullet points and lots of

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Customer Experience Case Study

Have you been tasked to come up with a way to change the culture in your organization? If you have been in a position to try and change the culture in your organization, you know the challenges that it presents. Lately, we have worked with several clients who were looking to better articulate and build

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How Does Gamification Effect eLearning?

The brain responds to games, no matter how young or old the mind may be. The digital world was built on games, and there is no reason to keep that aspect of the digital world away from your eLearning initiatives, especially with all of the positive effects that gamification has on eLearning. However, it is

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Elearning trends

Have You Incorporated These 5 Elearning Trends?

Concepts such as gamification and big data are adding new levels of immersion into eLearning that are creating new, more successful experiences for learners. Here are the 5 newest successful eLearning trends that you can begin using immediately in your own eLearning programs. 1. Gamification The mainstream nature of the gaming industry has found its way into

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The Heartbeat of TLS Learning

We would like to introduce you to the spirit and soul of our agency! Last month we welcomed the birth of our manifesto. Our values, mission, and vision have always existed, but there is something so powerful about connecting all three and solidifying them as a team. What an inspiring and motivating experience to be

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FocusOn Learning Trade Show

  TLS Learning is participating in the Elearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning Trade Show in Austin, TX. FocusOn Learning Trade show…here we come! We are all packed, pumped and excited to be departing for the Elearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning Trade Show in Austin, Texas this week! A few Highlights we’re looking forward to:

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Stress: 10 Strategies for the Lion at Your Door

We all have challenges in our lives. And some challenges create a rise in the stress hormone cortisol. So some might question if those challenges are good or bad for us. Well, the answer seems to be “it depends” based on how we deal with challenges! A recent article by ATD called How Successful People Stay Calm gives us some

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