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Have You Incorporated These 5 Elearning Trends?

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Elearning trendsConcepts such as gamification and big data are adding new levels of immersion into eLearning that are creating new, more successful experiences for learners. Here are the 5 newest successful eLearning trends that you can begin using immediately in your own eLearning programs.

1. Gamification

The mainstream nature of the gaming industry has found its way into the eLearning industry. Employers are wisely learning that learners are already playing games, so why not simply incorporate the reward structure and the story-based immersion of games into the learning experience? The result has been quite lucrative and productive for the industry – to the tune of $2.8 billion in the year 2016 alone.

2. Mobile Learning

eLearning continues to build momentum by adopting a “mobile first” design philosophy more and more. Employers are starting to think about how to build learning for learners on the go versus trying to just put traditional elearning on to a device. To put this industry in perspective, gamification will reach $2.8 billion in 2016 – mLearning will top out at $37 billion. mLearning is becoming prevalent in classrooms, training rooms and boardrooms as the business world continues to ensure employees keep up with the real time nature of the modern business landscape.

3. Video Training

The majority of online content will be video based by the year 2019. Currently, Americans are watching videos an average of 5 hours a day in the United States. ELearning producers took a step into the new world of media when the entire industry seemingly adopted the practice at once. 98% of companies now use some type video training in their digital learning programs today.

4. Big Data

Data is constantly being produced as learners interact with an eLearning program. That data, if captured, could be very useful in designing future programs and even in adjusting the current program in real time, customized to the unique needs of the student. Big data now allows eLearning producers to do just this, and the results are sure to be exciting for the next generation of VR, and 4D based eLearning concepts.

5. Personalized Learning Courses

Personalized Learning Courses allows employers to assess the skill sets of individual employees and direct their training in an area that the employee already shows promise in. This helps employers to better delegate responsibility throughout a company and train skills that an employee already shows a talent for. Employees get promoted more quickly, enhancing their motivation to succeed within the company and they are trained at the right time and on the right content.

Ready to get started incorporating these trends in your learning practice? Contact us to learn more about how to get started.

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