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Do You Suffer From Execution Paralysis?

Do You Suffer From Execution Paralysis? You have set your strategic plan for the year – it is beautifully written and ready to go. Now all you need to do is execute. But wait– for some reason you are finding yourself procrastinating, or getting distracted or just plain overwhelmed. You are suffering from Execution Paralysis. 

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Stress: 10 Strategies for the Lion at Your Door

We all have challenges in our lives. And some challenges create a rise in the stress hormone cortisol. So some might question if those challenges are good or bad for us. Well, the answer seems to be “it depends” based on how we deal with challenges! A recent article by ATD called How Successful People Stay Calm gives us some

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The Trifecta- Making Successful Learning Projects

What makes a learning project successful? Lots of things, of course. Having the right team in place, however, is one of the most important.  And I like to refer to ours affectionately as “The Trifecta”.  This is the critical trio we assign to each new learning project at TLS Learning – a Project Manager (PM),

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What elearning Role Do You Play?

Do You Know What Role You Play? For years I would get frustrated when I was on projects where I was just an extension of the client’s staff. I would get paid to sit in there office and work on various projects that needed to be completed. I would bring my expertise and skill set

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Building Effective Learner Profiles

      How to Build Learner Profiles I was reading our local Edina school information and they had a great example of a Learner Profile Matrix. If you have taken my E-learning Design Boot Camp Training course, you know that an essential success factor in the Discover phase is to really have a solid

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