Daily Huddle

Daily Huddle: Building a Better Team

The daily huddle is a time to connect and map out the day to ensure we are all on the same page.

For some of us it takes a giant mug of black coffee, a sugar infused donut and a quick shower to jolt our bodies awake in the morning. Sometimes we focus more on how to wake up our bodies than we do our own minds. What energizes and wakes up our minds at TLS Learning?

We start our day off at the office with a team huddle, which is just what it takes to ignite passion and start momentum for the day. What is a team huddle? Let me explain:

During the daily huddle in our office, every member of the team is to talk about their “to-do” list, containing all of their audacious goals for the day. We write our lists as soon as our minds hit “office mode”. Sometimes these lists are taken on cell phones or a half crumpled up piece of paper, but either way we are prepared. We suggest to make your “to-do” list a vision on how you feel your day should play out. No goal is too small or too big. Side Note: Never say “I would like to accomplish…” Always say “I will accomplish…” By saying “I will” in your daily goal planning you automatically set yourself up for success. 

Daily Team Huddle

Now it is huddle time. Always stay true to the time you set. We meet everyday at 8:40am and chat until 9:00am sharp. Keep your daily huddle a short 20 minutes. That is all it takes. Make sure to have a conference bridge setup so no matter where team members are, stuck in traffic or working from home, the call can always be accessible to join.

We stress that huddle time is a safe spot for the team to “dump their day”. Setting this tone allows team members to hear each other’s daily goals and encourage top performance. We focus on giving team members reminders about deadlines, celebrate quick company wins, offer up assistance and debrief of any challenging situations. Every great team member has a support system backing them.

Mornings don’t have to be hard. Wake your mind up with a warm daily huddle. How do you make your mornings easier? Share with us. We love to learn and may just adopt your morning routine.

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  1. I LOVE the daily huddle idea! What a great way to strengthen connections and give each other a boost! I am definitely going to bring this idea forward at our next ‘Gallup meeting in which we discuss team-building ideas. Thanks for sharing a great idea!