Kara's Blog ImageWhat makes a learning project successful?

Lots of things, of course. Having the right team in place, however, is one of the most important.  And I like to refer to ours affectionately as “The Trifecta”.  This is the critical trio we assign to each new learning project at TLS Learning – a Project Manager (PM), an Instructional Designer (ISD) and an Interactive Developer (DEV). These three are the ones that truly get the job done.

Having been a “Jane-of-all-trades” in my days in corporate learning and development (yes, I said Jane, not Jack), I played all three of these roles at one time – that was the expectation. Two of which though I stunk at (even though I tried really hard), but project management was where I excelled. To me, that’s a powerful thing to recognize and is why I can’t get enough of how effective “The Trifecta” has been for building amazing learning solutions. And I think there are 3 primary reasons why…

Trifecta- 3 primary reasons 

Share your success.  What makes your learning projects successful? Do you have a “trifecta” or another approach to building a team that’s working for you?  We’re curious to hear what’s working and what we should try next!