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What Kind Of Learner Experience are You Creating?

One of my favorite things to do is to look at how other disciplines are applying successful techniques to attract and retain their customers. Speaking of customers – did you know that you have customers? Anyway, Marketing is a great place to learn techniques that can help us in learning and performance improvement. We talk

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How Does Gamification Effect eLearning?

The brain responds to games, no matter how young or old the mind may be. The digital world was built on games, and there is no reason to keep that aspect of the digital world away from your eLearning initiatives, especially with all of the positive effects that gamification has on eLearning. However, it is

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Elearning trends

Have You Incorporated These 5 Elearning Trends?

Concepts such as gamification and big data are adding new levels of immersion into eLearning that are creating new, more successful experiences for learners. Here are the 5 newest successful eLearning trends that you can begin using immediately in your own eLearning programs. 1. Gamification The mainstream nature of the gaming industry has found its way into

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Learning Courses Making a Business Impact?

Are you concerned about how the learning you create is making a business impact?   Well, we are too.  In fact, in every initial project meeting, we make it our top priority to discuss how your learning directly aligns back to business impact and goals you are trying to achieve. When we sit down to

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Motivating Your Learners?

  Motivating Learners Performance We all want our learners to succeed, but sometimes motivating learners can be downright difficult! But I recently ran across a new way to tap into your learners’ inner motivation. It’s based on the Fresh Start Effect and the Nielsen Norman Group has a great article on it (that inspired me!).

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Is Mobile the Right Solution?

Solution Analysis and Discovery So you’ve had all the correct discussions with all the right people including HR, IT and Legal. You discussed all the relevant topics including the ones in our last post, and you feel confident your company is onboard to support your mobile initiative. Congratulations! You made it through the first gate

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E-Learning Solutions

Getting Started in Mobile Learning

Getting Started in Mobile Learning Whether through corporate or personal initiative (or both) you’re feeling like getting started in mobile learning.  You hear it’s all the rage and don’t want to be left out of the fun. In your mind’s eye are pictures (5 megapixel, no less!) of your training lighting up smartphones everywhere. People are smiling

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micro learning chart

Are you ready for Micro Learning?

We have been getting a lot of requests lately for shorter (micro learning) training courses – courses that allow someone to get in and take what they need and not get bogged down in a super long training course. This is a great new approach that I love because it means that companies are starting

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Use a GoPro for E-Learning? – Absolutely!

GoPro For On The Job Training GoPro’s have been around awhile as sports enthusiasts capture all of their exciting activities in real time. This wearable video camera is a staple product for snowboarders and skiers all over the slopes. But what if we could use it for more than capturing recreational activities? What if we

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