Motivating Learners


Motivating Learners Performance

We all want our learners to succeed, but sometimes motivating learners can be downright difficult! But I recently ran across a new way to tap into your learners’ inner motivation. It’s based on the Fresh Start Effect and the Nielsen Norman Group has a great article on it (that inspired me!).

The Fresh Start Effect

The Fresh Start Effect refers to special times or places where people are more likely to make changes–– specifically to try and attain a goal. For example, a special event, a new decade birthday, or the first day of the month. In these special times or places, people tend to be more open to a fresh start with a new goal. Think New Year’s resolutions!

But how can we capture and harness this potential inner motivation for training?

Look at your company’s calendar. What special times or events are coming up? Can you have your project launch on the company’s birthday? Can your communication plan trickle out on Mondays? How about creating change management strategies that reveal after a positive Quarterly call?

Another nice thing about aligning with a day of the week or month or with a company event is that those dates don’t usually move. Moving training deadlines, however, that’s another story for another blog.