GoProGoPro For On The Job Training

GoPro’s have been around awhile as sports enthusiasts capture all of their exciting activities in real time. This wearable video camera is a staple product for snowboarders and skiers all over the slopes.

But what if we could use it for more than capturing recreational activities? What if we could use it to gain access to places that we haven’t been able to get to before because of challenges with security and/or safety?

Today I had the privilege of going onsite on a construction project with my GoPro to help introduce the concept of using a wearable video camera to help capture key job tasks, processes and procedures that the workers need to learn or do in order to be successful on the job.

So often we build e-learning courses that tell people how to complete a task, process or procedure but we aren’t able to truly show them doing it in real time because we can’t access the job site or area where the work is actually happening.

Using a GoPro changed all of that today. We were able to put a GoPro camera on one of the Safety Leader’s hard hat and see first hand the safety challenges and opportunities that were on site. This is an excellent way for people to learn by example AND in a real situation. It also puts the camera in a safe viewable place that is hands-free and allows people to continue to do their jobs and teach at the same time.

While today was just a capability test for this organization, it is definitely something that will make a difference in the training we can create in the future. Context is everything in a course as we try and connect the content to the learner – this is one more piece that brings that goal closer into reality.

How to get started:

1. GoPro cameras are all over – pick one up and get it charged

2. You will need either a over the head strap or a harness that will mount it to your chest

3. Change out the case to the skeleton one that isn’t water proof for the best sound quality (the waterproof one will muffle your audio)

4. Charge it and make sure you have a great SD card

5. Download the app on your phone or ipad so you can control and WATCH the recording as it is happening (make sure you have the version that allows wifi and you can remote control it from your phone/ipad)

6. Test it out and then shoot some videos!

So how about you? Have you used a GoPro to teach or learn something new?