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Is Your Training Causing More Customer Sales?

You want — and need — your staff to engage and learn so they can be successful in their work. Then you need innovative online learning solutions. Not online manuals, not a reference guide they must regurgitate or be tested on at the end of the chapter. You want them to learn on a platform

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customer service results

Does Digital Learning Improve Customer Service Results?

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.” – Kevin Stirtz Many businesses depend upon excellent customer service for sales, retention, reviews and more. When complaints roll in, or even show a slight uptick, it’s time to review

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For Learning Leaders…

hey everybody its Tara Bryan good morning in the spirit of doing another video today I just wanted to quickly reach out to you even before I head into the office this morning this is a shout out for all the learning leaders out there I am just really curious to know what made you

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#1 Misconception about Starting a Digital Learning Project

There is a common misconception out there for a lot of our clients and a lot of other people who are looking to do learning projects and that misconception is that there needs to be content already organized and put together before you get started and that’s just not necessarily the case. What we really

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feet or no feet

Feet or No Feet? A Visual Design Debate

Visual Design Debate Challenge We have a bit of a debate going on right now at the office. Feet or no feet in elearning? Consider these two images:   Which image do you like better? Which one draws you more into the interaction? In most cases, the learner is the active participant in the course. They

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FocusOn Learning Trade Show

  TLS Learning is participating in the Elearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning Trade Show in Austin, TX. FocusOn Learning Trade show…here we come! We are all packed, pumped and excited to be departing for the Elearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning Trade Show in Austin, Texas this week! A few Highlights we’re looking forward to:

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Free to be Busy

Are you constantly being taken away from your task at hand for “just a second” to assist with other projects? If your office space is anything like ours, open and collaborative, you may find it overwhelmingly easy to be interrupted. It’s Monday morning and a new project just hit your desk. All you need is

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How Do You Build Creative Spaces In Your Office?

  Every team needs creative spaces where ideas come to life and possibilities become limitless. A space where senses are stimulated and fueled by great energy. Looking for tips and tricks on how to design creative spaces that is perfect for your new ideas to grow? Then look no further, we have an answer!

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