You want — and need — your staff to engage and learn so they can be successful in their work. Then you need innovative online learning solutions. Not online manuals, not a reference guide they must regurgitate or be tested on at the end of the chapter. You want them to learn on a platform that mirrors what they do in the field, in their office, on the factory floor, in a store, on the phone or anywhere that they consider central to how they work.Then they will learn and retain the information.

Doesn’t that look cool? It is interactive and allows employees to not only apply and practice the skills they need but it provides a level of consistency in the experience that you just don’t get with other types of training. And, yes, this program is for one of our clients, although, we can’t name names. Our client was an excellent classroom trainer. He would travel to employee locations and spend time making their 500 page technical manual look interesting. He helped them get engaged and excited about the products at the company. However, one day this trainer noticed that he was being asked to do more and provide more hands-on training with less travel. (plus he was just about to have a senior in high school that he wanted to spend more time with).

Initially, he came to us because he wanted the manuals put online so the employees could access them. When we dove into the actual results he was looking for, it became apparent that he needed a solution that would increase sales in the organization. So we got to work.

We create an innovate learning system that increased competency and sales success in their organization by over 38%. Everyone was so amazed that online learning could make such an impact that they included this training program for their external reps so they too could benefit from seeing the boring information come to life through interactions and simulated practice.