hey everybody its Tara Bryan good morning in the spirit of doing another
video today I just wanted to quickly reach out to you even before I head into the office this morning this is a shout out for all the learning leaders out there I am just really curious to know what made you want to be
a learning leader and go into learning within the organization I think that learning leaders a lot of times are kind of the unsung heroes right it’s a lot of behind the scene influencing and
improving employee performance without the accolades clearly if you’re learning leader you probably didn’t go into learning in order to get a lot of notoriety within your organization to get Commission and lots of money like you would when you if you were in sales and so I’m just super curious what are
those reasons why you are compelled to go into learning and development and
become a learning leader put your thoughts about that down in the comments love to hear more about what your
passion is and what drove you to go into learning how great day!