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Struggling to grow your business? Systems are not optimized and working together? Not retaining your customers? No Engagement or Participation? 
Are you constantly reproducing the same material instead of leveraging what you already have?  

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1:1 Business Strategy Session

Are you ready to grow & scale your business? Do you want to follow a proven plan to success?

If you are ready to increase client retention, make referrals your biggest sales engine & double your revenue within 6 months… 

Welcome! You are in the right place. 

Let’s get honest for a minute- you don’t have time to waste.

You have a business that is ‘working’ – but you are ready to go to the next level. Either you have hit a ceiling or you just want your digital delivery to match your vision, it’s time to get laser-focused ‘on’ your business. 

One of the biggest challenges to growing a business is being able to see it from a 10,000 ft view and outside perspective. This was essential to Tara’s business so she has dedicated her time to helping others in a similar capacity. 

Imagine having someone look at your business and all the systems, etc. (audit of your entire business) and bring a comprehensive strategy to the table. 

Then together we will spend the day mapping out the exact roadmap, strategies and systems you need to realize the next level of growth in your business. 

Results in Just One Day.

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Listen, I get it.

You have customer’s coming in and they are excited about working with you. And you are excited to help them – but one more customer also means more work, more time and more effort. You want to help more people, but it is starting to feel like a game of wack-o-mole. 

And then maybe slowly at first, they start dropping off, not getting results and/or not doing the work. Which means they don’t buy your next offer AND they aren’t referring others. And you have to work harder and harder just to help them get results. 

You know something isn’t working…your systems, your customer journey, or something else… you wish you had someone who could dive into YOUR business and quickly pinpoint EXACTLY what needs to change or elevate to maximize growth.


Deliver The Promise

Bid farewell to the challenges of streamlining your customer results. Our strategies focus on efficiency and scalability without the usual headaches.

Tech Simplified

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm! Our streamlined approach ensures you harness digital growth without drowning in complex technologies.

Tailored For You

Receive a P&P Score and uniquely crafted strategy for YOUR business, aligning with your goals and maximizing your digital presence.

Tara Bryan | Business Growth Strategist

Meet Tara Bryan

There are only a few coaches out there that have as much experience in online courses as Tara does. 

Tara Bryan has designed, built, and launched over 250 courses for some of the largest brands in the US. Over the past 20+ years, she has perfected the course-building process that helps thousands of learners improve their results in the workplace. 

She owned and operated a full-service digital learning agency, TLS Learning, that helps companies create engaging and results-driven learning experiences that literally transform the growth of their businesses. 

Tara’s unique Infinite Scale Method™ helps experts quickly get their message out to the world in a whole new way to make a much bigger impact. 

Leverage Tara’s guidance to properly package your expertise and help your learners drastically improve their results.

Tara regularly teaches digital business growth techniques and processes at national conferences, workshops, and small group sessions all over the U.S.

🌐 Your Journey to Business Growth Begins Here! 🌐

Imagine having a customized strategy in your hands within 24 hours – a Online Biz Model Playbook crafted exclusively for YOUR business, ensuring unparalleled growth without the usual chaos.

How Do I Help You Achieve Success?

Together we will transform your digital expert business so that your clients will not only FINISH but also become Customers for Life!

A Comprehensive Audit of Your Business

We will assess every single part of your online business and systems. This includes ALL the details around the core 5 systems in your business.

Strategy Session

We will schedule a VIP day with you to learn about your goals, vision and needs for your online business. We uncover what is working and what's not to create a personalized game plan or map.

Our Expert Recommendations

This is where we will provide you a detailed game plan that outlines our findings, our recommendations and easy, actionable tips and tricks.

Next Step Call

We will discuss potential opportunities and best practices that may help to enhance your online business to grow and scale to the next level.

The Details

  • Tara and her team will conduct a complete audit of your online business  – (your visibility and authority strategy, customer marketing and sales systems, your signature offer and core presentation, customer delivery structure, systems and platform, customer journey map and customer retention strategy and systems). 
  • A customized VIP strategy day with you and your team via zoom to review our findings, learn your goals, challenge areas and build a game plan. 
  • Up to 2 follow-up sessions if needed for clarification and follow-up for game plan. 
  • Customized-For-You Digital Business Playbook – get your business building 90 day game plan. (Deliverables may include: business model strategy design, offer consultation, million dollar roadmap design and visual map, customer experience mapping, strategic messaging, audit of program to reach new levels, platform design and optimization, action implementation action plan)

Note: We have a limited number of in-person strategy days available. Inquire at [email protected] if interested. 

The Investment

$5000 USD pay in full

or payment plan ($2750 X 2) is available (inquire at [email protected])

Programs & Services

Plus Bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Get promoted to our list, in social and be a guest on the Course Building Secrets® podcast. 

Bonus #2 – The Digital Biz Bat Channel – 30 days unlimited slack access to Tara and team for immediate answers for all the questions.

Bonus #3 – 30 days unlimited access to Learn Academy  – customized training curriculum, resources and checklists curated for you and your team to help you implement your playbook (includes on-demand simulated training, coaching, collaboration with others). 

Everything You Need to Fast Track the Growth of Your Business Model

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Timing is everything! With a VIP Strategy Day, the perfect moment to take control of your growth is now.