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Training Strategy

Do You Have a Training Strategy For New Hires? (Part 1 of 2)

Congratulations- you are growing and therefore are in a position to hire a large group of new hires to fulfill work positions within your organization. This is a great achievement and marks positive growth within your business. However, you and your management team may feel stress and anxiety as you prepare for this large influx

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How much content is enough

How Much Content Is Enough in A Course?

One of my favorite conversations to have with subject matter experts and technical experts is defining how much content needs to be given to people as they learn new material. This age old debate is a fun one to explore. Typically, content experts (subject matter experts, technical experts, compliance folks, etc.) look at courses from

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Content conversion

Content Conversion 101: A Powerpoint Deck is Not an Online Course

One of my goals in life is to help learning practitioners and subject matter experts really understand that a powerpoint deck converted to elearning is not a great learning experience. Powerpoint decks and other source materials are great raw materials to create an awesome course, but your powerpoint deck with bullet points and lots of

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Elearning trends

Have You Incorporated These 5 Elearning Trends?

Concepts such as gamification and big data are adding new levels of immersion into eLearning that are creating new, more successful experiences for learners. Here are the 5 newest successful eLearning trends that you can begin using immediately in your own eLearning programs. 1. Gamification The mainstream nature of the gaming industry has found its way into

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The Heartbeat of TLS Learning

We would like to introduce you to the spirit and soul of our agency! Last month we welcomed the birth of our manifesto. Our values, mission, and vision have always existed, but there is something so powerful about connecting all three and solidifying them as a team. What an inspiring and motivating experience to be

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Is Mobile the Right Solution?

Solution Analysis and Discovery So you’ve had all the correct discussions with all the right people including HR, IT and Legal. You discussed all the relevant topics including the ones in our last post, and you feel confident your company is onboard to support your mobile initiative. Congratulations! You made it through the first gate

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How Do You Build Creative Spaces In Your Office?

  Every team needs creative spaces where ideas come to life and possibilities become limitless. A space where senses are stimulated and fueled by great energy. Looking for tips and tricks on how to design creative spaces that is perfect for your new ideas to grow? Then look no further, we have an answer!

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Hide & Reveal- Articulate Storyline Challenge #116

How To Hide and Reveal Objects in Articulate Storyline 2 It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to jump in and play with the Articulate Storyline community, but I’m happy to report that time has granted me a few weeks to stretch my creative muscles and take a stab at some of

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