creative spacesEvery team needs creative spaces where ideas come to life and possibilities become limitless. A space where senses are stimulated and fueled by great energy. Looking for tips and tricks on how to design creative spaces that is perfect for your new ideas to grow? Then look no further, we have an answer!

Creative Spaces Design:

Our little but mighty brainstorming room bursts with vibrant colors to activate our minds and energize one another’s vision and design. Lime green and fiery orange electrify the room. And don’t let me forget to mention, when the sun comes pouring in through the windows it jolts us all into creating never before seen learning content. To say the bright, loud room inspires us is an understatement.

When designing your brainstorming space having a well lit room with natural light and/or warm lighting is a must. Make sure the sun has a spot the peak through and recharge the room’s creative vibes. Choosing energizing, bold colors is essential. Reds, Oranges, Yellows and Greens work well to ignite the mind. Allow enough wall space for whiteboards or chalkboards so your team can share their designs. This creates great movement of thoughts. Leave room for a table large enough for everyone to huddle around and converse about possibilities. Accessorizing the room with necessities should be the fun part (bookshelf stocked with knowledge, fresh markers and pens, cork board to pin up notes and successes).

Creative Spaces Behavior:

There are only a few set of rules for our brainstorming room. The first rule of thumb, “run it by the team before you clean the whiteboard walls.” Second, “never interrupt a forming thought”. Third, “no idea is a bad idea”. And lastly, “listen as if everything is possible.”

When developing your space be sure to create a set of relaxed rules. These can be fun and goofy. For example, “only bring food into the room if you plan to share with the creative brainiacs.” Or, “holding back an idea gets you kicked out of the room for an hour”. The goal of the room should be to make everyone feel respected and valued and you should have no problem having the creativity follow.

We want to hear about what fuels your creativity. Share pictures/stories of your brainstorming room with us!