Do you want to strengthen your approach to creating online courses? I would love to help you become an elearning ROCKSTAR! I offer customized 1:1 help to get you on the right path.

Some examples of what we can cover include:

I will help you to uncover great ideas and offer suggestions to help you on the path to become an elearning ROCKSTAR.

Here are some ideas of packages, but these can also be customized to meet your individual needs.
Package 1: 2 hours Cost: $450
High level session to assess your approach and brainstorm various ways to make your project/course more effective and appealing. Provide high level feedback on ways to maxmize the storyboard.
Package 2: Half-Day session (4 hours)  Cost: $800
Package 1 and a more in-depth look at the course content and structure of the course. This session includes specific recommendations for adding engaging elements into your course, including scenarios, character development, and interaction ideas to make your course more relevant and meaningful.
Package 3: Full-Day session (8 hours) Cost: $1275
Package 1& 2 as well as a working session that includes specific ideas and advice to look at the entire solution. This may include best practices for how the course needs to be deployed, visual mockups and examples, a working prototype of the idea or re-writes of the existing content. During this working session, we will really maximize what you have to transform the course content.
Package 4: Individualized Coaching through the whole course creation (call/email for Quote)
This package allows you to have an elearning specialist in your corner as you design and develop your course. Think of this as your own personal mentor as you go through the process. This package is  tailored to your needs. Here are common situations that someone may want to use this package.
– New to elearning and not sure how to get started
– You have been a classroom trainer and you have now been handed a tool like Articulate to use.
-You have been creating courses for awhile but they don’t look super professional and you want to take them to the next level
– You have a course but aren’t sure how to get people to take it
-You need to create courses faster and more efficiently and want customized support

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