The 5 Key Elements in a Cohort-Style Program

In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks as well as the 5 key elements that make up a cohort-style program.
5 Key Elements of a Cohort-Style Program

A cohort-style program is a collaborative learning style where a group of people go through an experience together. 

We recommend that you use this style for your beta program to test your offer and signature methodology. It will become the foundation for your digital offer. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks as well as the 5 key elements that  make up a cohort-style program.

5 Key Elements of a Cohort-Style Program

#1 – The group all starts and ends at the same time. 

The model allows for the group to progress at the same schedule and timeframe. 

#2 – Offered on a specific timeframe or schedule. 

The cadence of this is dependent on the structure of your content and is typically offered daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the complexity of the program. 

#3 – Typically there is an element of LIVE coaching or training. 

The best feature of a cohort-style program is that there is an element of connection – either with the group or with you, the coach or both. This allows you to add a different level of experience with your customers – this will increase the success of your solution. You can use this element to teach, coach, answer questions, provide community and connection, etc. 

#4 – Actionable Steps + Application

The goal of any program, no matter what type of program, is to encourage people to take action towards their goals. When you are doing a cohort-style program, there is a built it deadline, accountability and support from an expert. 

#5 – Peer Support

One of the best parts of a cohort-style program is the community or peer connection of people are coming together to work on a shared goal or vision. This allows for more accountability, feedback and success. 

The trick with a cohort-style program is to have a clear roadmap that guides the structure (timeline), deliver the training materials on-demand, and leverage the power of ‘live’ for connection, feedback and questions.  

Benefits – The amount of connection and collaboration that is created with a cohort-style program is the biggest benefit. Typically show up and participation rates will be higher. 

Drawbacks – Most people don’t understand that power of a cohort-style program so they waste a lot of time with cohorts. Typically, they teach the content live for each new cohort. This is actually not the best way experience for anyone – not for you or for your customers. Leveraging the power of online and automated delivery systems, you can actually maximize the amount of time you are having meaningful conversations with your customers, instead of repeating the basic principles over and over and over….

Part of our Infinite Scale Method™ implementation is to put together a continuous cohort-style program that allows people to connect live for coaching, accountability and feedback at any time w/ a personalized timeline and flow that works just for them.

This method allows people to join at any time and still get the same level of structure and support of a live cohort-style program.

It is the best of both worlds. 

Tara L Bryan

Our mission is to inspire, educate and give business owners the strategies and skills to build an infinitely scalable online business that will allow them to make a bigger impact and income without sacrificing the customer’s experience or adding more time to their already full lives. 


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