This e-learning challenge was first posted on the E-Learning Heroes Blog on February 28, 2014. The challenge is to design a poster around your favorite education or instructional design tip. 

Challenge Link:

Instructional Design Tip

I chose an instructional design tip that has never been attributed to anyone in particular (at least to my knowledge), but rather something that has floated around the aether in one version or another for as long as I can recall. It very nicely summarizes the pervading sentiment in this field with regards to bullet points.

I should point out that I don’t feel that bullet points are on the same typographical taboo list as, let’s say, ‘Comic Sans’ (which is in a different category altogether).  Bullet points are often very necessary. They’re just grossly overused. I would say it’s the fact that they’re so good at they’re job (listing information) that a person’s natural inclination is to utilize the bullet point first. A bullet point is like mayonnaise. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that works (think ‘BLT sandwich’). But if it’s the only thing you use, consider seeking immediate help.