Future-Proof Your Digital Expert Business:
Discover Key Trends
Shaping Success in 2024

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January 4, 2024
11:30 am - 1:00 PM CST

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Creating an Awesome Online Experience is an Untapped Goldmine in Your Business that Will Convert Buyers Into Customers for Life

Is Your Digital Business Strategy Ready for 2024?

 The digital learning industry is a $382 BILLION dollar industry. Now is the best time to get involved and grow your business. 

But what worked in the past is no longer working. There is a new standard in delivery and fulfillment. People have passive video training fatigue, information dump training and zoom exhaustion and are sick and tired of fake gurus and coaches not helping them get REAL RESULTS. 

It’s time for a transformation in how digital can actually create an amazing experience and results for your customers (and you and your business). 

In this training, Tara will give you the top trends that will transform your business into a digital POWERHOUSE that will help you attract and keep your customers (and help you stay ahead of the curve). 

This workshop is for you if:


Are you providing 1:1 and/or hourly rates for your customers?

Agency/Business Owners

Are you and your team providing services for customers?

Course Creators

Do you have a course or courses that you sell to your customers?


Do you deliver coaching services or programs to your customers?

Meet your trainer

Tara Bryan

My name is Tara Bryan, I’ve been running a service-based learning agency for 20+ years helping some of the largest brands in the US.

I am the founder of two online brands, Learn Academy and learn-elearning.com. I am also the host of the Course Building Secrets® podcast. I have literally spent my entire career crafting course experiences that focus on the learner’s results… …so that businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants can successfully help their customers achieve their goals. Using my proven methods allows course creators, coaches and business owners to create deeper relationships with their learners without being chained to their laptop.

I have always been passionate about creating extraordinary online experiences for learners because transformation through learning is the key to helping people live life on their own terms. But when I had my second child 13 years ago, I never wanted to say these words again: “I can't. I have to work.” That’s when I began my automated online course journey, and turned my focus to this:

"I help entrepreneurs and business owners use their passion and expertise to inspire, motivate and transform the lives of others."

Tara Bryan - Business Strategist

Future-Proof Your Digital Expert Business: Discover Key Trends Shaping Success in 2024

Discover the untapped goldmine in your business - Learn how to create and deliver online experiences to convert buyers while cultivating a community of loyal, lifelong fans who engage with and rave about your brand.

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January 4, 2024
11:30am - 1:00 pm CST

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