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Software Simulation Training

Software Simulation Training allows your employees to learn and practice completing their required job skills and software systems. In this online experience, they can watch a demo, practice with feedback and then simulate a real work experience through additional practice without the feedback. This is a great way to improve the confidence and capability of your team without learning through mistakes made in front of customers.

The structure of a software simulation package includes:

software simulation training


1. Software and Task Overview (includes an introduction, the what and the why)

2. Introduction to the tool (how to login, navigating and set-up of initial system,

overview of interface and home page elements)



software simulation training

3. Show Me (demo), Let Me Try (practice with feedback) and Practice/Assess (practice or assess without feedback). This is created for each job process. In these lessons, a coach or expert walks the learner through the system to complete the most common job tasks or outcomes. Typically each job process is broken down into 5-10 steps. Learners will  have the opportunity to practice with the coach providing feedback and lastly, they complete the job tasks on their own to demonstrate mastery.



software simulation trainingThis scaffold approach increases confidence and competence for the learner as they move from the training environment into their real life job applications.




BONUS: Each Show Me Demo is also packaged as a standalone video available outside of the LMS (typically on an intranet page) that is used for performance support (just in time and anywhere access) for when a learner is back at their desk performing the task.

Here is an example of this in action:


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