Skills you need to have as an Instructional Designer:

1. Synthesizer: Ability to take lots of raw information and content and analyze it to determine what is relevant to the learner’s performance.
2. Writer/Editor: You need to be able to write cleanly and concisely to get your message without extra words.
3. Consultant: As an Instructional Designer, you need to be able to put on your consultant hat to help guide the team to determine what needs to be covered and what can be supplemental.
4. Storyteller: You need to have the ability to build a story from the content that you are given. How do you make it come to life and add context to all of the content that you have been given.
5. Translator: You will become the translator for the subject matter expert. You will need to help them articulate what they know in regular non technical terms.
6. Researcher: As an Instructional Designer, many times you will have to dig up additional information and experiences that will help the course. Perhaps it is as simple as using google or as complex as a job or task analysis.
7. Innovator: I believe that as ISD’s, we are the ones that need to constantly be looking at how to innovate and take the courses to the next level. This includes looking at new technology, techniques and approaches to ensure that we are helping teach the learners in the way that they can learn best.
What other skills do you think Instructional Designers need to have to be successful?
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