Episode 337: How To Choose the Right Online Business Model: Cohort, Evergreen, or Hybrid?

In this episode, we explore the differences between Cohort, Evergreen, and Hybrid styles and discuss which online business model is right for you.


Do you feel overwhelmed by choosing an online business model, unsure of which type is right for you? 

The key to success is not just in what you offer but in how you deliver it. Today, I’m diving into the core differences between Cohort, Evergreen, and Hybrid models to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.

In this episode of the Course Building Secrets® Podcast, I explore the distinct characteristics, advantages, and challenges of each model. Let’s break it down and find out which online business model is the best fit for your business.

Understanding the Cohort Model

A Cohort Model involves enrolling a group of participants who start and finish a program/experience together. This approach fosters a strong sense of community and accountability among participants. 

Here are the key benefits and challenges:


  1. Community and Accountability: Participants support each other, creating a sense of camaraderie that can enhance engagement and motivation.
  2. Focused Marketing Effort: You can concentrate your marketing and sales efforts towards a specific start date, creating urgency and buzz.
  3. High Engagement: The group dynamic typically results in higher engagement as participants go through the experience together.


  1. Time-Intensive: Planning, coordinating, and running a cohort can be demanding on your time.
  2. Inconsistent Revenue: The feast-or-famine nature of cohort launches can lead to periods without income between cohorts.

Exploring the Evergreen Model

The Evergreen Model allows participants to enroll and start your program at any time, with pre-recorded training available on-demand. This model offers several significant advantages:


  1. Continuous Enrollment: Participants can join and start learning at their convenience, making it flexible and accessible.
  2. Scalability: You create the training once and can sell it repeatedly without additional time investment.
  3. Flexibility: Both you and your participants benefit from the flexibility of accessing it on your own schedules.


  1. Lack of Urgency: Without a specific start date, potential participants may delay enrolling.
  2. Initial Setup: Creating a comprehensive evergreen experience requires a significant upfront investment of time and resources.
  3. Potential for Disengagement: Without the live element, participants may feel less connected and supported.

The Hybrid Model: Infinite Scale™

Combining the best of both Cohort and Evergreen models, the Hybrid Model—or what I call The Infinite Scale Model™—offers a balanced approach that maximizes engagement and scalability. 

Here’s why I believe this is the best model for most online businesses:


  1. Consistent Experience: Participants can enroll anytime and progress through a structured curriculum with regular live support sessions.
  2. Scalability with Personal Touch: This model allows you to scale while still offering personalized support and engagement.
  3. Flexibility and Community: You get the flexibility of an evergreen program with the added benefit of live interaction and community building.


  1. Coordination Required: You need a well-planned system to manage onboarding and engagement consistently.
  2. Tech Setup: Implementing the right technology to support a hybrid model requires careful planning and possibly some investment.

Key Strategies for a Successful Online Business Model

If you decide the Hybrid Model is right for you, here are five key strategies to ensure your success:

  1. Develop Robust Onboarding Systems: Make sure new participants feel welcomed and know how to navigate your platform.
  2. Schedule Regular Live Events: Consistency is key. Set fixed times for live sessions to avoid confusion and enhance engagement.
  3. Leverage Automated Communication: Use automated emails and notifications to keep participants informed and motivated.
  4. Create an Online Experience Platform: Provide an engaging and interactive environment where participants can learn and connect.
  5. Gather and Implement Feedback: Continuously improve your course by seeking and acting on participant feedback.

Choosing the right online business model depends on your goals, resources, and how you want to engage with your customers. The Hybrid Model offers a balanced approach that can help you scale while maintaining a personal touch.

If you’re still unsure which online business model is right for you or need help setting up your hybrid experience, let’s chat! Schedule a FREE discovery call here, and we’ll create a tailored action plan to get you results ASAP.

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Key Topics:

Cohort Model: Community and Engagement | Evergreen Model: Flexibility and Scalability | Hybrid Model: Balanced Approach


    • Cohort model builds community and accountability among participants.
    • Evergreen model allows for flexible, scalable experience access anytime.
    • Hybrid model combines structure and live support for scalable growth.
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