Episode 328: 3 Steps to Unlock Your Ability to Infinitely Scale Your Business

The Infinite Scale Method™ is a simple framework to help you infinitely scale your online business so that you will have customers and profits for life.


Today I want to talk about how to infinitely scale your online business.

One of the things that’s really critical about looking at your ability to scale, your one on one, your service based business, or even your one to many virtual model, is that you’re looking at how do you start buying back your time.

The big question is, “How do you start building something that allows you to leverage technology [automations] to leverage customer experience, and your intellectual property, so that you can grow and infinitely scale how you deliver your signature methodology or framework?”

There are an infinite amount of ways to win and help an infinite amount of people.

But what tends to happen is when we’re working in a one on one model, or service based model, is that we max out — we can only handle a certain number of customers at a time, before things start kind of breaking or our time gets maxed out.

The challenge with that is that you can only grow to a certain point.

If you want to grow over and beyond that, you’ve got to make some significant changes.

When I first started I thought the only way to infinitely scale was to get a large office and have a lot of employees. And honestly to spend more and more time working, because I wanted to, I wanted to make a bigger impact, I wanted to help more people.

The only way to do that was to work harder and work longer.

And then eventually get people who could also work longer and harder, so that we could create something but the challenge with that becomes that the growth is not, you’re not growing exponentially with your expenses, and all of the different things.

Profitability actually goes down when you start adding all that complexity, so there is actually a different approach to growing and scaling that actually allows you to buy your time back. 

And that’s why we’re focused on the Infinite Scale Method™ to position yourself to be able to help more people, make a bigger impact, without it taking up any more of your time, your profit, and without being completely overwhelmed and burned out. 

Six or seven years ago, I was just maxed out, I didn’t know what to do to move myself into more of that financial freedom, that time freedom, where I could buy my time back and actually control what I did in a day. To not be at the whim of the clients that I had.

I love helping people get to that same place and get in the game, to start shifting their mentality, shifting their skills, and shifting their business so that they can start infinitely scaling.

It allows you to be able to make decisions based on a completely different criteria than just trying to get through the day just trying to figure out how to help more people and not have all the balls drop on the ground every single day as you’re trying to grow.

In this episode, I just wanted to cover a couple of the key transitions that need to happen in order for you to start getting in the infinite scale game.

  1. Look at what you’re doing from a service perspective.

And what you want to start trying to do is productize your service, the best way to productize your service is to consider what you’re doing and how you’re helping your customers.

  • What is sort of that standard or consistent way in which you’re helping your people get a result?
  • How are you solving their problem?
  • How are you helping them when you’re given the project or you’re given the opportunity to work with people?
  • What does that look like?
  • Identify the steps that you take to get somebody from point A to point B.
  • What are the things that you’re consistently doing?
One of the challenges that I get from people, when I ask that question is, “all of my clients are different, all the problems I’m solving with them are different. And so there’s not like one approach that I can take to solve my client’s problems.”
2. Validate that you are working with the right ideal avatar.

To help you determine a specific avatar, consider these questions:

  1. What’s that urgent problem?
  2. What’s keeping them up at night?
3. Uncover the steps that you take to help your ideal avatar go from point A to point B. 
Brainstorm and identify the unique way of getting them from problem to solution, that’s will end up being your signature methodology.

So if you don’t have one way that you’re helping your customers, or you have, you know, all your customers want something a little bit different I want to challenge you to spend the time trying to figure out how you can how you can productize your solution.

How can you make it a little bit more standard?

Sometimes it’s looking at who your favorite customer is, and like, what’s the standard approach that you would use to get them from point A to point B, other times, you may have to start over.

Like for me, when I was at the agency, one of the challenges I had was I worked with large companies, which is great. We had a standard methodology in which we use to help our customers.

But as I was trying to productize, that I asked myself, “are these the customers that I feel like I can serve? In the best way? Can I get them the best results that I can for my skill set and results that light me up when I’m trying to help people? “

And I had to ask myself those hard questions.

And the answer was no, I wasn’t working with the right avatar. And so that’s when I needed to shift, and really look at the biggest impact I can make and identify what the biggest problem that I could solve for the people that I wanted to work with.

Once you’ve done that, then you’re on the road, to be able to decide how you can start getting in the game of infinite skill.

But before the next episode, like spend some time really thinking about that, are you able to come up with in seven to nine steps.

And get to that actual result, right? Like, what is the path that they’re taking? What are the steps that you’re giving them to go from point A to point B, define that, I will tell you, if you’re in a service based business, and you don’t have this defined for your service based business, it will be a complete game changer for you to own your methodology, when you do go out and do a proposal or you have a sales conversation with a customer is that if you are able to say and this is how we get you to a result.

It will be a game-changer for your business.

That is a game changing activity, because instead of the customer asking you to do activities, you’re helping you’re guiding them down the road that they need to follow to get to the result that they’re looking for.

It will completely change your business, just to do that, even if you’re still doing one on one or project based work. And so I challenge you to do that this week.

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And see if you can put it into a number of steps that provide a cadence for somebody to go from the problem to the solution.

Once you’ve done that, that allows you to deliver that signature framework in an infinite amount of ways so that you can diversify what you’re doing and start to buy back your time.

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