Episode 334: Expanding Online: How Fitness Studio Owner, Kelly Altman Expanded Her Business Online

In this episode, we explore how Kelly Altman expanded her small boutique gym into a thriving online business.


Have you ever wondered how to transition your one-on-one services into an online business that scales effortlessly? Imagine serving more people and making more money without sacrificing your time or the quality of your services. 

In episode 334 of the Course Building Secrets® podcast, I chatted with Kelly Altman from Altman Fitness to reveal how she did exactly that. Kelly’s transformation from running a small boutique gym and health coaching business to building a successful online fitness program is packed with insights for anyone looking to make the same leap. Here’s how Kelly made it happen.

The Unexpected Pivot

Kelly’s journey into the online business world started unexpectedly. Fourteen years ago, her and her husband opened a small boutique gym focused on creating a fitness community. 

But when COVID-19 hit in March 2020, everything changed. Forced to pivot quickly, they transitioned their in-person workouts to Zoom and began recording them. 

With our help, Kelly was able to create an online membership site to conduct live workouts and programs for her members. The site also allowed for members and guests to get on-demand workouts, health coaching from Kelly and the instructors, connection and accountability with each other, as well as weekly recipes, and challenge programs. 

The site basically mimicked everything that they were doing in-person. This quick adaptation was key to keeping her business afloat during uncertain times.

Expanding Beyond Fitness

Kelly isn’t just a fitness expert; she’s also a health coach. This allowed her to bring a holistic approach to more people outside of her local community. She incorporated her “Six Pillars of Health” curriculum into the membership hub, offering more than just live and on-demand workouts. This approach helped her clients focus on overall wellness, including nutrition, sleep, stress management, hydration, and mental health. It was a game-changer that added depth to her online offerings.

Tackling the Tech Barrier

Let’s face it, transitioning to an online model can be daunting, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. Kelly felt this challenge acutely. But she soon realized the potential of online tools to reach a broader audience and deliver content more efficiently. By recording her workouts and health coaching sessions, she could provide consistent, on-demand support to her clients without the need for constant live interaction. This not only saved time but also extended her reach far beyond her local community.

Another big win was creating an app for her membership hub. Her members wanted to get their workouts on the go – this app allowed Kelly and her members to interact in a whole new way. 

Crafting a Curated Experience

One key lesson Kelly learned was the importance of not overwhelming clients (or herself) with too much information at once. Instead, she created a curated, bite-sized experience. This led to the development of a 30-day challenge, which has become a cornerstone of her online fitness program. The challenge requires participants to commit to just four simple health-related tasks each day. This approach makes the program manageable and sustainable for busy individuals, ensuring they could stick with it and see real results.

Building a Strong Community

A significant part of Kelly’s success lies in her ability to foster a sense of community, both online and offline. She created a supportive environment where members could interact, share their experiences, and motivate each other. This sense of belonging and support is crucial for client retention and engagement. Kelly’s online community mirrored the tight-knit feel of her physical gym, making the transition seamless for her clients.

The Power of Repetition

Kelly’s daily “Mornings with Kelly” sessions quickly became a favorite among her members. These three-minute guided meditations and reflections help set a positive tone for the day and reinforce the habits she is trying to instill. This repetitive, consistent approach ensure that her clients remain engaged and focused on their health goals.

Introducing the Fit Life™ Method

Through her journey, Kelly developed the Fit Life™ Method, a systematic approach that leads her clients to results. Within the Fit Life method, Kelly emphasizes consistency, creativity, clarity, and community. This method not only guides her clients but also provides her with a clear framework to follow. It allows her to create a sustainable and scalable online fitness program that continues to grow and evolve over time. Kelly’s Fit Life™ Method has become the backbone of her online offerings, ensuring that clients receive a comprehensive and cohesive experience.

Looking Ahead: Sustaining Online Success

Now that Kelly’s online business is up and running, she spends about an hour a day maintaining the platform, engaging with her community, and continuously improving the content. This efficient use of time allows her to focus on marketing and expanding her reach, knowing that her clients are well-supported. Kelly’s experience shows that once the heavy lifting of building the platform is done, maintaining and growing it becomes much more manageable.

Turning a Physical Business into an Online Business

Kelly’s journey from a small boutique gym owner to a successful online fitness entrepreneur is a testament to the power of adaptability and innovation. Here are some key takeaways for anyone looking to create a membership site or an online fitness program:

  1. Develop a Method: Create a clear framework for your program. The Fit Life™ Method provided Kelly with a structured approach that ensured all aspects of her clients’ wellness were addressed.

  2. Start Small and Pivot When Necessary: Don’t be afraid to start small and pivot your business model as needed. Kelly’s quick pivot to online classes during COVID-19 was crucial for her business survival.

  3. Start With Your Core Methodology and Then Add Offerings: Expand your offerings to include holistic content. Kelly’s inclusion of nutrition, stress management, and other health pillars added immense value to her fitness programs.

  4. Embrace Technology: Overcome the fear of technology. Utilize online tools to record and distribute content, making your services more accessible and scalable.

  5. Create a Curated Experience: Avoid overwhelming your clients. Break down your content into manageable, bite-sized pieces to ensure they can easily follow and benefit from your program.

  6. Build a Community: Foster a strong sense of community. Engage with your clients, encourage them to share their experiences, and provide a supportive environment that enhances their journey.

  7. Leverage the Power of Repetition: Implement daily routines that reinforce habits and keep clients engaged. Kelly’s “Mornings with Kelly” is a perfect example of how small, consistent interactions can make a big impact.

For those interested in learning more about Kelly’s 30-day challenge or the Fit Life™ Method, visit Altman Fitness and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram @AltmanFitness. 

If you’re considering creating a membership site or an online fitness program, take Kelly’s insights to heart and start your journey today. Transforming your business to serve more people and generate more revenue is within your reach!


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