Episode 321 – Avoid Online Programs Where Videos Go to Die

Avoid Death By Video In Your Online Programs. In this episode, Tara emphasizes that the shift in the industry shows that people no longer want massive amounts of video content in their online programs but rather a clearly defined and concise roadmap to achieve their goals.


Let’s talk about why an overload of videos in your online programs can be more detrimental than beneficial and how to structure your content for maximum impact to not fall into the trap of death by videos. 

The Overload of Information

In a recent conversation with a colleague, it became clear that many business owners face a significant challenge: balancing the idea of expertise with what people actually want to buy.

Often, this conflict results in a ton of videos that merely add to the information overload. As my colleague pointed out, no one really needs more videos.

Our society is already inundated with information, and adding more to the pile doesn’t help anyone.

The Video Vault Conundrum

Have you ever heard the term “video vault”? It refers to a collection of videos stored in a membership library for easy access. While this may sound like a great idea, it often becomes a graveyard where videos go to die.

Many business owners believe that having a large repository of content will make their offer look more valuable, but the opposite is usually true.

People are overwhelmed by excessive content and often prefer concise, high-quality information that delivers results.

Quality Over Quantity

Creating an online program isn’t about producing an endless stream of videos. Instead, your focus should be on the transformation and results that you can provide to your audience. People are paying you to solve a specific problem, not to inundate them with more content. Often, a well-structured program with just four or five impactful videos is more valuable than one bloated with unnecessary material.

Streamlining Your Program

The key to a successful online program is to identify the fastest path from your audience’s problem to their desired result.

What are the essential pieces of information they need to go from point A to point B? This streamlined approach not only serves your audience better but also enhances your own productivity and effectiveness.

Need-to-Have vs. Nice-to-Have

A useful exercise is to categorize your training into “need-to-have” and “nice-to-have” columns. The need-to-have items are those that are essential for taking your audience from their problem to their desired result.

Nice-to-have items can enhance the experience but aren’t critical to the main goal.

For example, one nice-to-have item could be creating interactive PDFs for your audience to fill out. While not essential, these extras can elevate the user experience.

Avoid the Mixed Media Trap

Another common mistake is dumping all your marketing content into the same space as your educational content. What you use to attract your audience isn’t necessarily what will help them achieve their goals. Be strategic about what you include in your program and make sure each piece of section and lesson serves a specific purpose in the learner’s journey.

Final Thoughts

Before you start building your next video vault or library, take a step back and consider the core path you want to guide your audience through. Aim to provide the fastest, most straightforward route from point A to point B. Extra content can be added to enhance the experience, but always remember—less is more. Your audience will thank you for it.

We hope you find these insights helpful as you continue to build and refine your online programs.

Remember, your audience is looking for results, not just more videos. 

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Key Topics:

Stop the Overload of Videos in your Online Programs | Core path & Signature Methodology | Nice-to-Have versus Need-to-Have


  • Don’t overload your customer with information
  • Consider Quality over Quantity
  • Organize training into Need -to-Have and Nice-to-Have
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