Episode 320: Is Your Digital Business Ready to Scale?

Is your digital business ready to scale? Tara shares her top 5 signs to determine if you are ready (or not ready)to grow and scale your digital business.


In this post, we delve into the crucial topic of scaling your digital business and the challenges that accompany this exciting and sometimes daunting journey. 

The Journey to Scaling Your Digital Business

Scaling a business is both thrilling and challenging. When I first attempted to scale my agency, I realized that I needed to step back from at least one core function. Trying to juggle everything was exhausting, and I knew if I didn’t find a way to loosen my grip, things would start falling apart.

The Fork in the Road: Choosing to Scale

Early on, I faced a pivotal choice: either remain at our current size, with a small but effective team, or build a scalable system that would allow for continuous growth. I chose growth, but this decision demanded significant changes. As I transitioned from leading the charge on client projects to assuming a leadership role, I had to let go of many responsibilities I was deeply involved in.

Letting Go and Trusting the Process

Letting go wasn’t easy. I had to rely on my team and trust that they had the skills and strategies to succeed without my constant oversight. The moment I realized this for the first time was both liberating and unsettling. My team managed to handle client projects confidently, and I found myself needing to redefine how I spent my time.

The Importance of Clear Systems and Trust

This journey taught me that trusting your team and systems is essential. Without empowering my team and setting up scalable processes, our growth would have stalled. Many entrepreneurs face similar struggles, especially when automating various delivery systems. It’s natural to feel disconnected and tempted to intervene and fix things, but true growth requires letting go and trusting the process.

5 Signs To Work on Before You Scale Your Digital Business 

As you navigate your business’s path to growth, here are five signs that indicate you’re ready or not ready to scale:

1. Overwhelm

If you constantly feel overwhelmed and fearful that stepping away will cause everything to fall apart, it’s a sign you need to take a step back and implement systems to support growth. Being too hands-on can stifle your ability to expand.

2. Lack of a Clear Customer Journey

Your customers should have a clear path from entry to ascension within your offerings. If they’re confused about their next steps or you find yourself repeatedly reintroducing them to beginner programs, it’s time to streamline their journey and provide a clear progression path.

3. Recreating Your Core Program Multiple Times

Constantly recreating your core program without direct customer feedback suggests a disconnect. Once your beta and core curriculum are set, focus on maintaining and enhancing it rather than constantly starting over.

4. Inefficiencies in Team and Systems

If your team and systems aren’t functioning smoothly, it’s a sign of underlying issues. Look out for inconsistencies, communication breakdowns, and frequent errors.

5. Customers WANT to Stay But They Are Confused About the next step

They literally can’t figure out where to go, how to stay and engage – and you aren’t making it easy for them. Multiple systems, tools and places to login and engage – you are pushing customers away without meaning to do it. 


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  • 5 signs that your business needs you to is/is not ready to scale
  • Work on a seamless customer journey
  • Don’t add more chaos and friction for your customers who want to become raving fans
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