Episode 297: 2 Key Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

Have We Met Before? Learn 2 key strategies to improve the Customer Experience in your online business.


In today’s digital era, creating a meaningful customer experience goes beyond the product or service you offer; it’s about how you communicate and build relationships with your clients. 

One small yet powerful way to enhance your customer relationships is to refine your email signatures and the way you introduce yourself in communications.

Formal Introductions for Prospects

When you first reach out to prospects, it’s common to adopt a more formal approach. This means your email signature should include your first name, last name, job title, and company name. Formality in your initial interactions helps establish your identity and builds a professional image. Your recipients need to recognize who you are and the capacity in which you’re contacting them.

However, when these prospects become customers, the dynamics of your relationship change. Frequent emails from your clients will become commonplace, and it might feel redundant and impersonal to maintain the same level of formality.

Transitioning from Formal to Informal

As you foster relationships with your clients through consistent interactions, whether through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or cohort-based programs, it’s appropriate to shift towards a more informal communication style. Your initial signature is no longer necessary. Instead, a simple sign-off with your first name conveys familiarity and warmth, which nurtures a sense of connection.

Continuing with overly formal introductions in emails to your established customers can create a disconnect. After all, you wouldn’t start every in-person meeting by reintroducing yourself to someone you’ve met multiple times. That would be awkward and could alienate your clients, making them feel unseen and unappreciated.

Consistency in Communication

Audit your current email communications and look for opportunities to reduce formality with clients you already have a relationship with. If your email signature still includes your full name, title, and company when communicating with long-term clients, consider switching it to something more relaxed.

The same principle applies to recorded videos and training materials. If you constantly reintroduce yourself in videos that clients frequently access, it can become repetitive and unnecessary. Your clients are already familiar with you, so there’s no need to start each training session with a formal introduction.

Building a Strong Client Relationship

This slight shift in your communication approach can have substantial effects on how your clients perceive their interaction with you. By recognizing their familiarity with you, you show that you value their relationship and are attentive to their status within your business. This builds trust and makes your clients feel valued, which, in turn, strengthens their loyalty to your brand.

Final Thoughts

Consider this tip a small but significant strategy to improve customer experience: reduce formality in your communications with established clients. This change fosters a sense of connection and relatability and helps transform clients from casual users to raving fans of your business. Remember, effective communication is key to creating a positive client experience and driving your program’s success.

Give this strategy a try, and watch as your clients respond positively to the more personalized touch. Not only will it enhance the customer experience, but it will also help you build a thriving community of loyal supporters eager to recommend you to others.

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  • Customer Experience matters – consider your first and next impression
  • Determine how to communicate with customers
  • Consider the relationship you are building
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