Mobile Learning Design & Development

At TLS Learning, we are passionate about creating learning experiences for mobile. We take a mobile first approach and look at how your learners will consume learning on their device.  We help you meet this need by first, partnering with you to determine your mobile learning readiness.  TLS Learning Proven Process

We use our solid 5D process framework to ensure we develop learning experiences to meet the needs of the learners on the devices in your organization.


Mobile Ready?

Mobile e-learning

TLS Learning brings you our expertise so you don’t have to worry about skipping or missing a beat when implementing mobile learning.

Join us for our live webinar series where we tackle the basics on how to get started designing and developing mobile learning in your company.

Our webinar is packed with tons of content, open Q/A, templates, examples, and live coaching to help you set up your mobile strategy. Our goal is to make you confident to implement mobile in your environment and navigate through IT infrastructure challenges.

At the end of this webinar series you will walk away with:

…and much more.


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