Learning Strategy Consulting

TLS Learning helps you move to an online learning ecosystem by providing learning strategy consulting. We look at how you can build a learning infrastructure that allows you to leverage, track and deploy your courses in your unique environment. We collaborate with you to analyze your business goals, assess your current learning infrastructure, and help you create a solid framework for success.

Organizational Learning/Business Consulting

Curriculum Acceleration Session™

If you have ever struggled to gain leadership support or even to validate where to put your focus, then this session is for you. Our Curriculum Acceleration Sessions will provide you with a comprehensive learning map that will guide your learning strategy in the months and years to come. It is a full day facilitated session with your group. During this time, we work together to map out your learning strategy as it relates to achieving business outcomes. This includes mapping the business and department goals, with learners’ needed skills, knowledge and behaviors to create a comprehensive plan you can use to proactively manage your learning initiatives. Providing you with focus, direction and a common way to create and implement learning throughout the organization.

Take Your Learning to the Next Level Consulting

Course Acceleration Session™

Are you interested in moving from a content-centered learning course strategy to a learner-focused one? In this session, we will facilitate a course brainstorming session with you and your team of subject matter experts to provide you with a comprehensive map for your course or series of courses. This focused session will provide you with a look into the business needs, audience needs and how to tie in learning activities and practice to enhance the skills, knowledge and behavior of the learners.

Learning Management System Requirements Gathering, Selection and Implementation

learning strategy consultingOptimize Your Current LMS

TLS Learning works with you to analyze your business’s current LMS environment to provide suggestions to maximize it’s effectiveness and reach within the organization. Our team understands the importance of capturing results and sometimes it just takes an expert’s set of eyes to analyze the system for additional optimization. If it is not as easy as a conference call, we will come to you. Don’t have a current LMS? Let us sit along side you as an expert to consult and field any questions as you make the transition. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident about moving to an online learning ecosystem.

Select A New LMS

Once it is time to start looking at a new learning management system, don’t start by going straight to LMS vendors. It is critical to gather your requirements (must haves and nice to haves) first. Once you have identified those requirements, then it is time to research vendors that may fit those requirements. TLS Learning can come in and help you through this process. Whether it is uncovering your core requirements or consulting on features and benefits of an LMS, we are a neutral party that can help navigate you through the process. We don’t come in to decide for you but we can help ensure that you have thought through each area to ensure a successful selection and in many cases implementation.

Implement E-learning and Technology-Enabled Solutions

Are you looking to transition from classroom to e-learning? There are a number of factors to consider during your journey. Here at TLS Learning, we can help you look at not only how to adjust your classroom content to make it engaging and interactive for e-learning but we can help you identify and implement the proper infrastructure for learning. Taking a big picture view of design, building, launching and implementing an online learning solution(s) will help you grow and scale faster.

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