Custom Learning Solutions

Your learners need the right knowledge, skills and behaviors to be successful in their work- and you need an engaging and effective learning experience to ensure business results. That’s where we come in. We work with you to identify, design and deliver learning solutions that produce Results@Work™.

Results For You

You are trying to increase the business results in your organization. Whether there is a new product or service being launched or re-training your current team, focusing on building performance changing learning solutions will allow you to see the ROI that will deliver results in your business metrics.

+ Results for Your Employees

Your employees want and expect more than a glorified powerpoint deck with a bunch of information – they have google for that. They need a learning experience that helps them immediately apply that information to perform better at their jobs.

= Results@Work™

That is where we can help. We take your idea and/or content and make it instructionally sound, meaningful AND engaging so learners can apply what they have learned immediately back on the job and you will see the results and outcomes you are looking to meet become a reality. This is accomplished through live-action or interactive video, animations, interactions and graphics that match your audience.

What makes our solutions different?

Learner-centered – Did you know that most learning companies don’t talk to a learner the entire time they are working on a course? At TLS Learning, we ensure we are hitting the mark and making the learning meaningful by engaging the learners in the solution so we are guaranteed to make it meaningful.

Contextual – We ensure we are matching the tone, imagery and scenarios to match the learners real life day-to-day experiences. There is nothing worse than people going through a course watching people in suits when they work on a production floor.

Meaningful – We grab the learners attention and focus by creating stories and scenarios that are true to life and show real outcomes that matter.

Interactive – We don’t just put in gratuitous interactions to keep people clicking. We build engaging, fast-paced, interactive content that is role/job centered. This allows learners to stay performance/behavior focused.

Right-Sized Solutions – We produce learning that moves the needle and is easily accessible to people when and where they need it.

Examples of Our Solutions

Orientation and Onboarding

From the minute your employees walk in the door, you need to set them up for success. With custom Onboarding training solutions, you will be confident that your employees are starting with the right experience. Topics include: getting to know the organization, team introductions, culture introduction, performance expectations, policies and procedures, systems training, and human resources and compliance. We will work with you to build an onboarding curriculum that gets your employees to competency faster.

Product Knowledge Training

Your employees need to know your products. Product manual reading is just not going to cut it. You need a solution that will help your employees learn the features, benefits and specifics about your products. Interactive and engaging online learning that in the form of performance support AND training can get your team members performing at the top of their game. Also, when updates and new products are deployed, custom online learning solutions allows you to train the entire workforce at the same time in a consistent manner. Gone are the days of handing out a spec sheet or having everyone get on a conference call.

On-The-Job Training

Have you ever had a subject matter expert try and remember how they learned to be experts? And then train others? Most likely, they were able to provide the learner lots of information but less application to where the learner was in their knowledge. That’s where we come in. We work with the subject matter experts on any topic (from the basic to the complex) and work to translate it into meaningful and engaging learning that provides the appropriate scaffolding from one level to another.

Software Simulation (Systems) Training

Learning a new software whether it is one that you have built or a vendor product takes practice. We work with you to build custom systems training that puts the learner in the drivers seat. Our provide Show Me, Let Me Try and Practice methodology allows a learner to learn the software in a safe environment. They can go through the demos as many times as needed in order to master the task at hand. This software training combined with your unique processes and procedures to customize the experience so your learners can be successful from day 1. This matched with our ‘Show Me On The Go’ performance support demos make this solution number #1 for systems training.

Sales Training

Sales professionals need a combination of presentation skills, selling skills, product knowledge and systems knowledge to report and track their success. At TLS Learning, we work with you to build a custom sales solution that not only increases your sales team’s effectiveness but creates a great experience for your sales teams. We create short on the go learning sessions to maximize the sales team’s engagement. You will see more engagement, faster time to competence, increases in revenue results and greater employee retention.

Leadership Training

It has been proven that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Managers and leaders have many challenges in their positions that require specific knowledge and skills for success. In many cases, they must be proficient in the job role they are managing, business skills, financial knowledge, as well as people management expertise. Our custom leadership curriculum leads to higher satisfaction, higher success rates in employee retention and proved business results.


We can flex to meet your specific topic and design challenge. Are you ready to schedule a free consultation with us to learn more?

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