#jobloveToday is Valentine’s day- wouldn’t we all love a bit more joblove? Tweet #joblove to join the conversation!

We all reflect on what we LOVE about what we get to do everyday. We are passionate about helping you and your employees go to the next level of performance.

In honor of Valentine’s day we focus on defining the top 10 ways we love we have #joblove

1. We heart you, our clients and partners. We are blessed with the best people to work with. Maybe it is because we are lucky but we think it is because we attract only best people to partner with to build courses. We love partnerships and the relationships we gain as a result of the great work that we get to do with you all. We consider it a privilege everyday to work beside you.

2. We heart to accept your challenge of bringing innovation and new experiences to your learners with enthusiasm and joy. We strive to inspire and transform your learning experiences to truly make an impact to your business. We love to roll up our sleeves and solve any challenge you throw at us.

3. We heart to learn new things. Need us to track down a new way of teaching something or have a technology challenge that you can’t solve? Bring it on. We can’t wait to explore the industry to find the best solution for you.

4. We heart technology and how to make it straightforward and streamlined for learners. There is a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo out there. We get giddy when we can work to simplify a technical challenge that you may face.

5. We heart collaboration and ideation. We could generate 300 ideas about one topic — that’s how we roll. We spend time each day in our brainstorming room with each client project to figure out the best way to attack the project to really meet the needs, therefore not just assuming the first solution is best.

6. We heart creativity. We thrive on our “no bullet points” policy. How can we continuous tell the story without words? We work continuously to achieve that goal. It energizes us!

7. We heart having fun as a team and with our work. We try to remain positive, solutions-focused while cultivating passion, laughter and joy in our work. Trust that your custom project is built with love every time because we think of you and your learners.

8. We heartto support each other – did you know that when one of us works late we all do? We constantly pitch in to help each other and that allows us to stay on the same page as a team.

9. We heartto build awesome online learning experiences. Did you know that we build in a special WOW factor in each course? Just a little something that will surprise and delight you when you see it for the first time. (If we have built a course for you- you know what I am talking about)

10. We heartsystems and process. Just because we are creative and innovation doesn’t mean we can’t be fierce in our process and be successful running a project on time and on budget. We are proud of our ability to provide you with a great product within a set project plan.

TLS Learning’s goal is to make sure you, as a perpetual learner understands all fundamentals of your role with the proper training. This will make the launch into loving your job easy. We want to eliminate confusion and leverage your ability to be an expert in your field.

Comment below on your best #joblove.