We would like to introduce you to the spirit and soul of our agency!TLS Learning Manifesto

Last month we welcomed the birth of our manifesto. Our values, mission, and vision have always existed, but there is something so powerful about connecting all three and solidifying them as a team. What an inspiring and motivating experience to be apart of the creation.  

If you’re any bit like myself and need a closer look to really absorb the message, then here you go, our manifesto can be read below. Now let us digest together.


“Elearning needs more than experts. More than consultants. More than Developers.

Elearning needs a highly dedicated team of people who are passionate about the needs of learners. About delivering the right experience. About making a difference to move the needle.

People who advocate through design. Challenge through real world activities. Campion through technology. We create more than just courses. We create meaningful change. Skills develop. Behavior transforms. Performance improves.

Improving learner performance is our destination and our values pave the way. We value powerful partnerships, because delivering what learners need requires a unified, collaborative team. We value individual attention, because every situation is unique. We value solution-focus, because we believe in overcoming barriers to deliver strong results. We value innovation and continuous learning, because it stretches our skills and builds our expertise to deliver the best.

This is what we believe, this is how we work. Because every day we’re making the choice to be more than an elearning agency.

We are an eLEARNER agency. We are TLS Learning.”


Meet our values, highlighted in green and defined in orange. This is the spirit of our agency, and you can find it living within our team members. Together, as a team we crafted our manifesto to come alive and reflect our culture. Our manifesto is hanging in the center of our office. It is a comforting reminder of who we are when inspiration is asleep and motivation is hiding.  

Have you created a manifesto for your organization? If so, share with us! We love to feel inspired.