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Have Limited Time for the Discover Phase?

The Discover Phase is the first phase of the e-learning design process at TLS Learning. This step is critical to determine the overall big picture of the project and the results that are needed to ensure that the training will be successful. Here at TLS Learning, we conduct a discovery meeting with the client to ensure that the client is able to download their ideas, needs, outcomes and expectations for the course or program that needs to be created.

Many times I have clients who are either too busy or not available to attend this important meeting to discuss their needs and dreams for the project. That being said, there are various places where I insist on at least minimal involvement and there are parts of this meeting that everyone on the project (as well as stakeholders) need to attend.

That part of the meeting is when we are talking about results. The question, “What is the ultimate outcome or result that is needed after someone attends or engages with the course?” is a question that needs to be answered by everyone (stakeholders, learners, project team members, etc). Many times this is the only time that everyone is all together and it is imperative that everyone hears what success looks like. There 4 critical questions that need to be uncovered in this phase to identify the objectives:

1. If a learner completes your course, what will change about their performance or behavior?

2. How will they do this?

3. What do they need to know in order to accomplish the how?

4. Why would they want to do what is required to achieve the results?

But how do you lead people to the answers to these questions? So often I am doing a brainstorming session and people get stuck on the content and what they want to tell/teach someone to know, not what they need them to do or even what does it look like if they are successful.

The #1 question to help them get started to find the answers is to find their HIGH PERFORMERS. What are the most successful people doing already in this content that you are teaching? This is hands down the best way to capture what needs to be included in the training. By focusing on the high performers and what they are doing to produce results, is the fast way to get people away from the information in content.

Does this resonate with you? Please share your comments below to continue to conversation!