Have you been tasked to come up with a way to change the culture in your organization?


If you have been in a position to try and change the culture in your organization, you know the challenges that it presents. Lately, we have worked with several clients who were looking to better articulate and build change around their customer service experience. As you know, customer experience is more important than ever as consumers are having higher and higher expectations of what should be included in their service.

We conducted focus groups and surveys to uncover the themes and behavioral norms that existed within the organization. We then used the behaviors that were identified to create a series of course episodes (interactive videos) and scenarios that demonstrated to employees how to use those new behaviors to create a better customer experience.

Tools we used:

For this particular project, we used Articulate Storyline, full production videos (in partnership with 651 Media), branching and audio narration to build these episodes. Each episode illustrated certain behaviors and allowed the learner to see the consequences of the correct and incorrect choices. These episodes are meant to be launched at spaced intervals to capture the learners interest. We were also able to have employee testimonial video and photos added for additional real life examples. Each employee who participated was given a whiteboard, selfie stick to record their own videos. The effect adds authenticity to the experience.

“I really like the finished product.  The messages have been enhanced by the modifications the team made.  Thank you for all the efforts.  I am very hopeful this project will make a difference for our firm and continue to move us toward a client service expectation that is driven by culture.  Thank you!”

–Leader in company


At TLS Learning, we are passionate about helping your business succeed. We look beyond the content to build an experience that will move the needle in your organization. Are you going through a cultural change in your organization? Sometimes it helps to work with an outside agency to help you articulate the themes or behaviors that exist within the culture. Contact us if you want to explore this type of solution for your brand.