Create a 7-Step Customer Experience Map To Guide Online Business Success

Create a Customer Experience Map to optimize each stage of your online business, ensuring a smooth and engaging journey for your customers from discovery to infinite engagement.
Customer Experience Map

The Customer Experience Map

Creating a Customer Experience Map helps visualize the entire journey of a customer from the moment they discover your  business to their post-program experience.

This full Customer Experience Map outlines the stages, touchpoints, emotions, and actions of the customer, allowing you to optimize each step for a better overall experience.

How to Build Your Own Customer Experience Map

Take each of these stages to audit your business and/or create your own map.

1. Discover the Offer

Objective: To attract potential customers to your signature offer.

  • Touchpoints: Affiliate/JV partnerships, Social media, search engine results, blog posts, referrals, online forums.
  • Customer Actions: Browsing through authority content, reading reviews, asking for recommendations.
  • Customer Emotions: Curiosity, excitement, skepticism.
  • Pain Points: Overwhelming options, unclear value, trust issues.


  • Invest in creating a visibility strategy – create content – blog, podcast, YouTube, etc. Plus add networking, speaking, engaging in groups, SEO,  content marketing.
  • Use engaging social media campaigns.
  • Feature testimonials and success stories prominently.

2. Consider the Offer

Objective: To inform and persuade prospects to join your program or offer.

  • Touchpoints: Website, landing pages, email newsletters, free trials, webinars.
  • Customer Actions: Exploring the website, signing up for newsletters, attending webinars, engaging with free content.
  • Customer Emotions: Interest, evaluation, hesitation.
  • Pain Points: Lack of detailed information, no clear unique selling points, concerns about whether it is right for them.


  • Provide detailed descriptions and the specific tangible transformation.
  • Offer free trials or sample lessons.
  • Host live Q&A sessions or webinars to address concerns.

3. Make Decision

Objective: To convert prospects into paying customers.

  • Touchpoints: Pricing page, payment gateway, customer support, FAQ section.
  • Customer Actions: Comparing pricing plans, contacting support for queries, proceeding to checkout.
  • Customer Emotions: Decision-making anxiety, financial consideration, anticipation.
  • Pain Points: Complicated pricing structures, unclear payment process, lack of immediate support.


  • Simplify pricing plans and clearly outline what’s included.
  • Ensure the checkout process is smooth and secure.
  • Provide multiple payment options and instant customer support.

4. Enrollment and Onboarding

Objective: To welcome new customers and set them up for success.

  • Touchpoints: Welcome emails, onboarding guides, introductory videos, LMS dashboard.
  • Customer Actions: Registering for the offer, accessing the LMS, completing initial setup tasks.
  • Customer Emotions: Excitement, eagerness to start, cautiously optimistic but a little apprehensive.
  • Pain Points: Complicated onboarding process, difficulty navigating the platform, lack of guidance.


  • Send a personalized welcome email with clear next steps.
  • Create a user-friendly onboarding series.
  • Ensure the LMS is intuitive and easy to navigate.

5. Learn and Engage

Objective: To keep customers engaged and motivated throughout the experience.

  • Touchpoints: Communication, Personalized Learning Paths,  Learning materials, quizzes, gamification, community, live sessions, progress tracking
  • Customer Actions: Participating in lessons, completing assignments, engaging in discussions, attending live sessions.
  • Customer Emotions: Motivation, learning satisfaction, occasional frustration.
  • Pain Points: Difficult or unorganized content, lack of interaction, feeling isolated.


  • Use multimedia content to cater to different learning styles.
  • Offer regular quizzes and interactive assignments.
  • Foster a community through discussion forums and live sessions.
  • Provide regular feedback and progress tracking.

6. Complete and Celebrate

Objective: To acknowledge student achievements and encourage further engagement.

  • Touchpoints: Final assessments, celebrations!, certificate of completion, feedback forms
  • Customer Actions: Completing final projects, receiving certificates, providing feedback.
  • Customer Emotions: Achievement, satisfaction, reflection.
  • Pain Points: Complicated certification process, lack of recognition, insufficient feedback opportunities.


  • Simplify the completion process and make it digital.
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones.
  • Collect and act on customer feedback for continuous improvement.

7. Post-Offer Infinite Engagement

Objective: To maintain a relationship with customers and encourage further involvement.

  • Touchpoints: Ascension Offer, Follow-up emails, alumni groups, additional recommendations, referral programs
  • Customer Actions: Joining alumni groups, enrolling in advanced courses, referring friends.
  • Customer Emotions: Continued interest, loyalty, pride.
  • Pain Points: Feeling forgotten post-experience, lack of advanced learning options, unappreciated loyalty.


    • Send follow-up emails with additional resources and  recommendations for next steps.
    • Create exclusive alumni groups for networking.
    • Implement referral programs with rewards for bringing in new members or customers.

By following this Customer Experience Map, you can optimize each stage of your online business, ensuring a smooth and engaging journey for your customers from discovery to post-experience engagement. This holistic approach will help you build customers for life and a thriving online business.

If you want help building your customer experience map, help with systems or figuring out how to optimize each stage, schedule a free discovery call to learn more. 

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