Calculating the ROI of Digital Learning

Many times when I am speaking to clients and prospects, the price tag of learning often comes up. Digital learning “seems” so much more expensive. But is it really? In this blog post, we will tackle that question.

For many of our prospective clients, they are entering the world of digital learning for the first time. They are used to classroom training which on the surface seems like a less expensive investment for their organization. However, there are a number of “hidden” expenses that cause classroom training to be a greater investment in terms of a long-term strategy.

Classroom Training Costs

These expenses are repeated each time a new class needs to be taught and multiplied by the number of participants over time.


Now consider on demand learning. On demand or digital learning has a higher investment up front to create since much more intention needs to be put into the experience since a designer needs to anticipate learner behavior, actions and questions (classroom instructors are able to adjust on the fly if needed because they can read the audience, elearning practitioners need to build all of that into the solution when it is built). However, once it is built and deployed, it will provide a consistent and effective experience for learners without any additional expense.

On demand/Digital Learning Costs

Factors to Improve Your ROI