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Quality Learning Approaches in 15 Minutes or Less

 If someone told you to draft a course design in 15 minutes, what would you do? “Fight” or “flight” options might include crying, running for the hills or immediately coming down with some mysterious illness. Scary as it might sound, that was our task as set by Bob Elmore at the March 17th ATD SIG

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Biggest Mistake in E-learning From Cathy Moore

Here is a great post from Cathy Moore as she reminds us how to constantly think about how we are putting our courses together. I love this message- in fact it may be something that I have all of my client’s watch before we start creating a course. Great post from her!

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How to Choose the Right E-Learning Tool for Your Project

Comparing Lectora Online, Lectora Publisher, Lectora SNAP! with Articulate, Captivate and others This Friday I have the pleasure of speaking at the PACT Excellence Share. We will spend time exploring the topic, “How to choose the right elearning tool for your project“. Do you: – Get overwhelmed at the thought of choosing an elearning tool? –

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