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Hey, everybody, it's Tara Bryan, and you are listening to the course building secrets podcast.

Hello, everyone. So I just got back from a live event in Park City, Utah, and let me tell you Park City is gorgeous. If you have never been, you've got to make time to go, it is amazing to fall, fall colors were going on, we got a little snow, we did a little, like rain hiking, it was great.

But I want to share with you just a couple of insights that I got from this event because I think that they're so powerful.

1. One main concept that they were talking about, and this was actually at another conference I was recently at as well, was really about finding your purpose, finding your sort of core reason for, you know, what you do, and sort of that driving need for why you, you know, have started your own business, why you, you know, show up and serve people, why even in times where you're struggling to, you know, maybe get new clients or get things done or get traction in one way, shape or form, that you persevere, and you keep going. And it's really about understanding that bigger, why, why? Why are you here? Why do you do what you do? And having that burning desire that Napoleon Hill talks about in thinking, grow rich? You know, what is that burning desire? What keeps you going even when things aren't exactly going your way? Because I'm going to tell you, like, you know, there's been some times this past year where I've really struggled to figure out, you know, some different parts of the business, as I'm shifting and growing and pivoting and doing different things. And, you know, without a clear why I could see how it'd be easy to just walk away to just say, you know, what, it's not, it's not working, it's not, you know, things are more difficult than they need to be.

But the thing is, I have such a clear why I have such a clear reason why I feel called to help people. And it's really helping people get out of the trap of having to work every single day or get paid for every single hour, they work, right. Like I want people to learn that they can actually increase the amount of money, they produce wealth, they're being able to amass in different things like that, based on being able to package what they do in a way that allows them to maximize their potential and make a big income without working hours for dollars. And if you've been listening to this podcast, you know, it's the solution to that is to package your expertise into an online program, an online course. And so that's what we talk about so much in this podcast and learn Academy, and all of the different things I'm a part of, but that calling is so strong for me, I have this passion for helping business owners and coaches and consultants be able to do that. Because I tell you I've been there, I've been stressed out, I've been burnt out, I've been in that place where I really wanted to do the work I love to I served but I didn't have enough hours in my day. So I just feel so passionate that through technology, through automation through online programs, and packaging, what you do, you really can have a different life, you can have a different lifestyle, you can do the things that you want to do and serve the people that you want to serve. But there are times when like I said, it's challenging. So I think about, you know, what is it about me, that keeps going, Why do I keep going? How does, how is it that I have that sort of burning desire to just keep going even when things get difficult? And I will tell you that because I have that big why? Because I have that, that sort of desire to help. That's what keeps me going. And a little bit of probably stubbornness and tenacity in there as well. But it's what gets me through those times. So I want to this one of the speakers at this event was talking about a situation that he had when he was younger. That really gave him the discipline to keep going when he was, you know, professional and an adult, really going through the process of transforming the way that he was showing up in his business and So I want to tell that story today about my journey through that, when I was younger, and in some of the lessons that it taught me, and I don't really talk about this very often, but I feel like it's a really good example of how to keep going, despite the obstacles that come up. And so when I was younger, I had, I still have it, but, but when I was younger, I had extra bones in my feet, which sounds odd and, and no arch. And so what that means is, as a kid, I could never do sports, I could never go to dance classes, like my friends, I could never do the things that I wanted to do, my body wanted to do, because whenever I would do anything, my feet would swell up, and I would be in a ton of pain. And, and I really, you know, just couldn't do it. And, and so, obviously, that wasn't okay with me, because I love to be active. I love being an athlete, I love being you know, someone who is, you know, takes care of myself takes care of my body and, and moves. In fact, I was recently on a podcast where we talked all about that, right. So for me, now, I want to give away some of the ending, but like, now, as a runner, it is my primary place where I, you know, can just regroup and get ideas. And it a lot of times, it's, you know, a huge stress reliever for me to be able to do that. can't even imagine not having it. But, but back then. It was it was so frustrating. Every single day, we I remember as a I think, I think when you're in fifth grade, you run like the 100 yard dash, right? I think that it was it was then and and running hurdles in fifth grade. And I just remember trying so hard to run. And I was last and I was I was in so much pain, as I was running around this circle. If you remember, when you were younger, that, that feel that seems like it goes forever. Here just remember being so defeated, and being frustrated that I couldn't do what I wanted to do, I couldn't be you know, that, like my friends who were in sports or who were in, you know, doing different things, and it really defined a huge piece of me as, as I was going through that. So you know, kind of fast forward, we had, you know, I had an operation to try and fix it. So I was in a to cast up to my knees in a wheelchair in like middle school, which was good and bad, right? The good part was that I got out of class 10 minutes early, so everybody wanted to walk me to my next class. So they got out of class early as well. So for a little while, I was like very cool. But overall, it was, you know, of course, being in to catch up to your knees can't really do much. And so I went through that and, and, you know, didn't really work it, it didn't fix the problem. But I got to a certain place in you know, in high school and then outside of high school, I thought you know what, I don't care that my feet hurt, I'm going to go and do it anyway, I am going to work through the pain and see if I can't get my body to not so much heal on its own, but kind of get it through that particular place. And and then from there I proceeded to run multiple marathons, half marathons, five K's all sorts of different things. And, and really sort of went beyond the limitation, right? I just persevered. I had, you know, the tenacity to just keep going I would ice and I would do ibuprofen and I would just keep going and now you know as an adult, it's not a limiting part of my life. It's not something that is something that holds me back. And I think the reason for this in the reason I'm telling you this long drawn out story is really I had an identity of being an athlete, I had a vision that I could do those things and then I just dug in and kept practicing it and kept doing it until the pain lessened or I get used to the pain but the pain lessened and then I was able to continue training continue moving forward continue to find different techniques and different things that would help me right so for example You know, I got specially made orthotics, I have special shoes that I wear, right? So I spent a lot of money on that stuff. But it's a tool that enables me to be able to do what I do. And, and so, to me, it's such a great example that I'd never even really thought of before. But, again, like I said, this gentleman was talking about his similar experience. But it was a great example of, you know, sort of the way that I deal with every obstacle that I have, even if it seems like it's insurmountable, and something that I'll never be able to do differently is, I decide, okay, who do I want to be? I am a runner. So how do I become a runner. And, for me, that meant I needed to start running, I needed to start figuring out how I could step into that. And, and get to that place where my, my identity, my need to do the thing was more powerful than the pain more powerful than the, than just staying with my limitations that I was given.

And, and so my, my message to you today, and this is a little bit of a different thing, right? It's not necessarily a corresponding tip. But my message for you today is, what is that big Y that you have, that helps you move forward, even if things are difficult, or even if things seem impossible? Or if they're not going exactly how you have planned or they're slower, they're faster, or whatever the thing is, that you are kind of leaning into right now.

What is that bigger driver, that bigger vision that you have, for what you do that will help you get to the other side, when you do that? And then see if you can really visualize it, see, if you can, you know, change your mind, change your identity to dig in and make it happen. Because that's where the power comes in is, when it gets difficult, how do you keep going? How do you keep moving through, and remember that, you know, a lot of times you can change your reality, just by taking those active steps forward. Now, I didn't go straight from not being able to jump or run or, you know, walk without pain to running a marathon, right? Like, you don't necessarily do that, right. But I took, you know, little tiny steps, until I was able to take bigger steps, because as I took the small steps, then they lead to a 5k, then they lead to a 10k, then they lead to a half marathon. And then eventually they lead to a full marathon, right?

So you take the different steps that you need to to get to your bigger goal. And, and don't stress out about just going from zero to the big goal, right? Like just find the steps that allow you to get there. And then you know, nurture and deal with the the obstacles that are going to come up along the path because they're going to come up, there are things that are hard. There were days I couldn't walk, because I was in so much pain, I could have stopped and I could have said nope, I can't do it. This isn't for me. Or I could have done what I did, which was okay, I'm going to rest today. And then tomorrow, I'm going to I'm going to try it again, I'm going to go a little bit farther. And then, you know, by doing that, I became a marathoner. And, you know, that that's the only thing I can think of that. That got me through all of that was really I just had a bigger vision, I had a bigger dream for what my life was going to be like, and it wasn't going to be without, you know, like not being an athlete, not being somebody who was active and unhealthy and powerful in my own body. And, so think about that today as you are really dialing in and thinking about your goals for the next couple weeks, couple of months. And, and how you are achieving your big goal or even defining your big goal, right? Like, you know, if you have that clear purpose, that clear vision, it's so much easier to know the path and stay on the path that you are trying to go. So there you go, there is my corresponding secret, tip for the day. And if this story resonates with you, if there's something that you've been through in your life where you were like, Nope, I'm just gonna keep moving forward until I achieve that goal, that vision that I have. I would love to hear about it. I I think it's fascinating. When you think about, you know the people like us who can go out and create our own future and, and really take the steps to do that. And, and the tools and strategies that you have to do that. So I would love to hear your story if, if you have one that you want to share, or if it's a flip side and you're like, I'm struggling, I don't know how to keep going. When I eat, I'm just not achieving that big dream that I have. Reach out to me. We'd love to talk to you about it, and help out in any way that I possibly can. All right. In the meantime, go check out the show notes to find out more information about the books that I mentioned today and any other information that will be valuable to you. All right, there you go. Have a great day.