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Tara Bryan:

Hey everybody, it's Tara Bryan. And you are listening to the Course Building Secrets podcast. Whether you're a coach or a CEO, the success of your team and clients is based on your ability to deliver a consistent experience and guide them on the fastest path to results. This podcast will give you practical real life tips that you can use today to build your online experiences that get results and create raving fans. Why? So you can monetize your expertise and serve more people without adding more time or team to your business. If you're looking to uncover your million dollar framework, package it and use it to scale you're in the right place. Let's dive in.

Tara Bryan:

Hey, everybody, welcome back to the Course Building Secrets podcast. So happy to be here with you all today. In today's episode, I want to talk about some trends that you can expect in the online course business field this year. So it is 2022. For you, as you are listening to this, then I am talking to you about what is happening this year. So a big transformation is happening in online courses. This year, in particular, as you know, sort of, you know, people are getting a little bit more sophisticated in terms of how to engage and teach people online, there is a lot of zoom fatigue, right for, you know, doing everything online consuming content and information and being in constant meetings, that has really been amazing for the elearning industry, but is also causing a lot of fatigue with people who want something more than just interacting with the computer. And so there's a shift happening in an industry, there's a shift happening in how courses are being created, and how they're being delivered. So I want to talk a little bit about that today. Just to give you a little bit of a sense for what you need to look at as you're looking at your individual online course experience that you're creating for your learners. So whether you have been in the online course business for a long time, or you're just starting out, here are some sort of things to think about for this year, and how to make the most of what you are creating.

Tara Bryan:

So first of all, I want to just address that online learning in the past, for many, many people has been all about giving out information, giving out information about your expertise, giving out insert information about a topic, and really being in that place where you're the one who's helping somebody, learn what they need to know, in order to go off and apply it sometime in the future. And and that was all good. And then it was all good until it wasn't all good. Right. So what's happening though, is that, you know, that is the model that has been used in the education system for way, way too many years. And while they have found that it's not the best way to teach, we also have found an online course industry, that is also not the best way to teach, right? When people are looking for a solution to a challenge or a problem that they're trying to overcome. They're not necessarily looking for more information, you can find information just about anywhere you want to right now and more information than you know what to do with, right, I don't know if you'll find yourself in a position of doing this. But every so often, I'll go off and research something online, and then I end up down a rabbit hole and like four hours later, I put my head up and I'm like, Oh, wait, what just happened? Right? So you could do that over and over and over again. And, and, you know, use a course to do that, or, you know, use Google to do that or whatever else. There are plenty of ways to get information. So most of the time, when people are coming to you, they're actually not coming to you just for information. They're coming to you because you have a path or a shortcut that helps them be successful. And that's totally different than you giving somebody information that they can then you know, hopefully apply to something that they're they're doing. So when you think about making your online course or online course experience, it's a lot about not only the path that you are creating, that helps them get from where they are today to where they want to go right how do they solve that problem or kind of achieve that next level that skill that, you know, solution, whatever it is that they're trying to do is you're giving them the path, and then you're giving them a promise of transformation, you're giving them that ability to sort of end up on the other side with that goal, that achievement, that solution, whatever it is that they're looking for. So they have that shortcut to get from point A to point B.

Tara Bryan:

So as we continue to evolve this industry, one of the biggest things is when you look at your course experience, when you look at how you want to go out to market and, you know, create something that's going to be impactful, not only for you from an income standpoint, where you can actually sell it, but for the people who are taking your solution, it's really looking at your course as a path and a promise that you are able to deliver to your people. So when you look at that, that takes on new meaning, right? You're creating an experience for somebody so they can get to that level of success. So as you're thinking about creating your course, what is the path that you're creating for them? What is that, you know, that that set of steps from, from point A to point Z, that you are giving to them? What's that shortcut? How, how can you quickly do that? Or do that in a place where it provides them with the ability to actually, you know, get some work faster than they can do on their own? And what's the promise that you're making for them? How can you create a guarantee for the people who are taking your course that they are going to be successful if they go through and do everything that you've given them? Right? So, so often, at that place, where I say that people say, Oh, well, you know, I can't make people take my course I can't make people actually log in and do the thing. And that's very, very true. However, the way that you're creating your online course experience should provide them with a very clear path to a result. So if you cannot get somebody a result, or or, you know, up to a promise, then you need to go back, sharpen your pencil and figure out a path that gets them directly from point A to point Z and not, you know, kind of meander them inside of a knowledge tornado. Right. And, and so if you can do that, that is where you start, then building a solution that helps people solve that particular problem or challenge that they have. And they want to, they want to get past, that is how you build a successful course, in, in today's climate.

Tara Bryan:

Now, there's one other piece to this, that's really important that we believe strongly at Learn Academy, and in the work that we do, is this piece of connection. So you're providing a path, you're providing a promise, and you're also providing a connection, you're giving them the ability to connect with other people who have, you know, are on their same journey. Because we know that through connection, through the ability for people to sort of discuss things together and learn together, it also strengthens and shortens the path to success. So when you're thinking about building your online course experience, while yes, there are a lot of opportunities to create automation, and put your various pieces on autopilot. So you're not recreating the wheel every single time you do a training every single time you work with a new client every single time every single time every single time. Right? So there's lots of automation, there's lots of ways to set things up, to maximize your time to maximize your effort, build it once sell it over and over and over again. Absolutely 100% however, what is the community aspect? How do you bring people together? Is it you doing some coaching, so bringing them on a call bringing them into a live environment, or even just in an online experience that gives them that sense of community and connection to you and to other people? So that is the other like really critical secret sauce to being successful as a course creator and creating your course creation business in 2022 and beyond is package all your your stuff around that path and that promise, but show up to create a community show up to do some high ticket coaching some consistent ways where you're helping build a community and connection to you and to other people. That is where this whole industry is heading is really providing a solid experience for people so they can excel and get the results that they're looking for you get them the results through your, you know, amazing program that you've put together through ways to help engage them and have them practice in that simulated environment that you're creating. And connecting with them through community and coaching, and, and other creative ways that you can get people together. So you're creating that sense of, of sort of connection around people solving their, their issue, or their problem, or their challenge or whatever they're, they're working through, right, solving that together. So they can move forward, not only because there's so much value in people connecting together, but because when you can bring people together, they find natural ways to work together, to expand together and to really do awesome things, which then, you know, ultimately takes what you're doing to the next level. Alright, so there are some themes for really thinking about how either to take what you're doing to the next level, or to start looking at how do you get into this business of creating an online course of packaging your expertise, because it's not about creating an outline and putting all the information into a course, and then hoping that they're going to actually get results from that. It's really leading them down that shortcut that gives them that specific path, to really step into what they need to actually do in order to be successful.

Tara Bryan:

Alright, there you go, there's your corresponding secret for the day, I really encourage you sit down and just audit or look at the path that you have created for somebody who is trying to solve a particular challenge or problem in their business. If you look at it, and you say, Okay, so, you know, so and so comes to me, because they need help solving this particular problem, or they're struggling with with this, or they know that there's something else that they should be doing and they're not doing right. How do you? How do you build a path around that to help them get to success? Regardless of you know, if it's, you know, two steps, or, or five steps or nine steps, really think about that path? And what is the promise that you can just flat out guarantee that they're going to get if they go through your path? What is that promise that you can give to them? All right, there you go. There's your homework for today. Hopefully you are enjoying this podcast, we'd love for you to share it with other people who are also doing the same thing that you are doing. If you're looking for that sense of community and that clear path for how to do this. Definitely reach out we are available and ready to help you. Alright, take care.