What is the ONE THING, that if your customers actually did, they’d be able to move on to the next step? Today we focus on the importance of anchoring your topics with action. Providing information to your clients does not equal results. Action = Clarity = VALUE


Tara Bryan:

Hey, everybody, it's Tara, Bryan, and you are listening to the course building secrets podcast. Whether you're a coach or a CEO, the success of your team and clients is based on your ability to deliver a consistent experience and guide them on the fastest path to results. This podcast will give you practical real life tips that you can use today to build your online experiences that get results and create raving fans. Why? So you can monetize your expertise and serve more people without adding more time or team to your business? If you're looking to uncover your million dollar framework, package it and use it to scale you're in the right place. Let's dive in.

Tara Bryan:

Okay, in this episode, I want to get super tactical, alright. So here's the deal, when you are thinking about recording your modules of your course, or your program, or whatever, it doesn't matter what it is. But when you are focused on recording, whatever it is that you're you're creating and selling for people, one of the things to always keep in mind is what is the one takeaway that you want them to have? What's that call to action? What's that one thing, you want them to do that if they did it, they'd be able to move on to the next step. So often, when I am doing a course edit, or helping somebody build their course, for the first time, one of the biggest missteps that people make is that they think about a topic, and then they just like, you know, throw a million ideas in around that topic. And what you want to do is you want to actually anchor the topic with one action you want them to take, if they were to take this action, then that would tip them over, and they would be able to move on to the next step. So for example, if I want someone to determine a major measurable result, or transformation that they're able to give to their customers in the topic that I'm teaching, my whole point, everything I'm teaching all the information, all of the stories of the content, everything is around just this one goal, which is what do they need to be able to determine that to make that happen? So they can move on and say, yep, I have the result of the transformation. That's it. So everything that that every module that you're creating, every lesson that you're creating, put it through that filter, and the filter is what is the one thing I want them to do. So they can move on and get to that next step. Because if your course is merely giving them information, if it's merely giving them sort of the background of, you know, conceptually, this is how you would do it. The biggest challenge with that is they're not going to get results. And they're gonna say, Well, I nothing has changed, I haven't moved from where I am today to where I want to go. So you may be, you know, really great on camera, you could have really great stories and examples. And you can have a lot of valuable information to share with them. But the bottom line is if they do not move to action, they do not actually do what you are teaching them in that particular topic or module or lesson, they're not going to be successful, and they're not going to stay and they're not going to complete your course, this is the one thing that will help you completely change the way that people interact with what you have to offer. So regardless, if you're showing up live, regardless, if you're showing up and it's totally on autopilot, and it's packaged, or you're doing a little bit of both, it is the one thing that will make the biggest difference in how you are successful in sending your customers having them stay and, and turning them into raving fans. It seems so simple, but it's much more difficult because you have to focus on the one thing, not the million things, right? Not not providing all the information, all of the details around your expertise. Because that's, that's where I think that you know, there's so much misconception is like value equals volume. No, but value equals clarity. Value equals the ability to actually do the thing. Right? So don't fall into that trap of if you know if it looks like it's like a million things of value is going to be higher. It's going to be amazing. Everybody's gonna love all this stuff. And people don't want stuff they want transformation. So again, think about that as you are building your online programs. or any program doesn't have to be online. It doesn't have to be a course. Anything that you're doing, what is the one thing that they need to do to move forward and focus on that and just get rid of the rest. Alright, there you go. That is my tip for the day.