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Behind the Scenes of The Course Edit™

In this episode, Tara gives the 4 key sections in a digital experience (course or program) audit through the lens of the Learn Academy annual clean-up. Just like cleaning out the clutter of your house, it is best practice to take a critical look at your programs and products to ensure that they are serving

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Which Delivery Method Actually Sells Better?

In this episode, Tara takes you behind the scenes of a coaching call to learn which delivery method (online course, online program, hybrid experience) actually sells better. This is a common issue that business owners face as they search for their perfect buyers. {{snippet-1}} Looking to learn more? Check out tlslearning.com for more opportunities.

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Are Your Customers Confused By Your Offers?

In this episode, Tara breaks down the challenges of building offers that don’t match your value ladder. Using a client as an example, we explore 2 different approaches to use instead of making up something that will potentially serve 1 person but doesn’t allow you to scale. {{d-short-link-gamify}} {{snippet-1}}

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