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In this episode, Tara gives a key business-building tip: enjoy the training and the journey because that is where the real magic happens!

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In this episode, Tara gives a key business-building tip: enjoy the training and the journey because that is where the real magic happens!


Hey, Hey everybody, it's Tara Bryan, and you are listening to the course building secrets podcast.

Hey guys, so just wanted to jump on today, I have some exciting news for you all. And I'm excited to jump in and share it.

First of all, I am making some changes to the podcast. So in the next week or so you're going to start hearing some different things that are going on. And in. So I'm excited about that. So check that out as you are listening. So I really appreciate you listening in today. And today's tip is all about building your online business.

So so often when we start out, and this was definitely my path is we took project-based work, right? You kind of have to figure out like, who am I serving? What am I doing? What am I really good at? What do I love to do? And what do I actually want to spend all my time doing right? So you start out in that place of just really finding people who have what you who need what you have to offer and showing up in serving them. And then at some point, you get to that place, you may be there now, where you know, you have to do things just a little bit differently, if you want to have some of your life back, right?

I remember when I got to that place, and I was working all of the time, and I loved what I did, and I love my clients, but yet, I wasn't doing the other things that I thought I was going to do. When I started my own business. So I kind of went on this journey of figuring out like, Okay, well, what does that look like? Do I take on more clients? Do I hire a team? Do I?

You know, what do I do? How do I do this, and I made a lot of mistakes and made a lot of sort of dead ends.

You know, past before I really found the thing that allowed me to grow and scale with ease, and not was so much complexity or stress or all the things right.

But brings me to kind of the point of our conversation today, which is, you know, you almost have to go through some of those transitions, some of those levels, some of the stages, whatever you want to call it, in order to truly find what was going to allow you to serve in the at the highest level, and you know, sort of break yourself free of the trap of working for dollars, right. So however many hours you're working is how much you get paid.

And really trying to kind of get out of that trap, and change into something a little bit different. And it wasn't until I started creating digital products, digital courses, digital programs, digital coaching, that really I found myself in a place where I could actually

kind of separate from the project-based work, at first, just as a sort of a part of the business and then, later on, made it a bigger part of the business. And as you do that you sort of shift like, how do you find clients? And where are they? And how do you need to show up and attract the right people to you? And, and one of the things that, you know, I always say it's sort of more like a marathon than a sprint. So if you are a runner, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Right? So there's, there's a period of time where if you're training for a marathon, like you can't just go out and run 26.2 miles without some training, right. And while you're training, you're going to have some great days, you're going to have some setbacks, you maybe are going to have some injuries, or times that you're just like, oh my gosh, I cannot run another long run. And that's sort of the reality of starting a business growing a business, scaling your business, changing the focus of your business, and all of those things, right. And so, you know, when I'm coaching people, we talk a lot about that we talk about the fact that, you know, in many cases, it's way more, you know, training for a marathon. It's way more about the journey and all of the steps that you're taking to actually get to the race than it is actually just going out and sprinting down the street or sprinting, you know, to a quick finish line. And when you think about it from that perspective, it really frees you up to enjoy the journey to really figure out what you love about the process what you love about how you're showing up or, you know, what you don't like about how you're showing up, and really being able to change that and look at that differently. So today's tip is more just a reminder to you to remember that like if you are in that place where things feel hard right now if you're in that place where you're not seeing the level of success that you want to have, you are not there yet, things are a little frustrating. Just remember that, you know, it's like training for that marathon where there are going to be great days, and there are going to be days where you feel like you're off or you need a rest. Or maybe you need to eat more carbs, I'm telling you, like, that may be part of it. But, but think about it as a marathon, not so much of a sprint, this is going to take some time to really sort of dive in and lean into what your greatest gift is to give to other people and be able to grow and scale a business in a way that serves you, your lifestyle, and what you're doing, right. So that is my course building secret tip of the day, is just remember that, you know, enjoy the process, give yourself grace, allow yourself to just sort of taking what you need, during this time that you're building, or rebuilding or growing or scaling or whatever the heck it is that you are doing in your particular business right now. Because most of the time, it's going to take some training, it's going to take some effort, and all of the fruits of your labor will start to happen. When you go and you do the work, right? If you want to, you know finish that marathon you want to do awesome at that marathon, like the training is where that happens. It doesn't actually happen the day that everyone sees you running. It happens before that and the effort that you're putting in. So there we go for those of you who needed that message today.

If you know, hopefully, that resonates and makes sense. But as a marathoner as somebody who really has gone through the training for a marathon multiple times. It's just a good reminder for me that sometimes the effort that you're putting in leads to that race and leads ultimately to that finish line. So there you go, enjoy the rest of your day and we will talk again soon.

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