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Hey everybody. It's Tara Bryan and you are listening to course building secrets® podcast. I just heard the best thing and I had to jump on and give it to you guys. So you had it. So I was listening to a podcast episode and the gentleman who was speaking said, you know when you are trying to kind of attract and sell your course or your program to people who are interested or potentially interested in buying it, uh, you know, the best thing that you can do is to, um, give them a sample, right?

Give them a free presentation, give them a look at your framework. Um, really start to just give them a taste for what you have to offer. Right. And he equated it to, uh, it being like a sample at a grocery store. Um, and it made me chuckle because I swear my children have a sense for when it's going to be sample day at Costco or the grocery store.

And we always ended up going there and getting a few samples of food. Right. But it's just like that. Like you think about it. And instead of thinking about a webinar or a free training or free session that you're doing as this big ordeal, think of it as a pre-sample. Right? So you're walking through the grocery store and you know, somebody is there and they're talking about this new product and they give you a little, a little sample of it. And then you're like, oh, that's so good. I really want to buy that. And then you buy whatever it is, the crackers or the dip or the meat or whatever it is that they're, they're giving you a sample of. It's such a great analogy because I think so often when I'm working with people, one of them, the kind of hang up, so people have is, you know, how do I sell this?

How do I find people? How do I, you know, not feel salesy and not feel like I'm doing this webinar. That feels like the whole thing is just one big field pitch. And if you think about it like you're just giving someone a sample of what you can do, of what you can offer, the service that you provide, changes the game, it changes the way that you think of it is it's really just giving them a taste for what you have to offer and then offering them the full thing. Right? You really like this, dip this on this cracker. Awesome. Here's the box. Right. And, um, so really think about that as you're thinking about what you do and how you serve and who it is you want to be attracting. And how do you think about it, giving out what you're doing as a sample?

So they get a, just a chance to see what it's about, who you are, what you can do for them. And then it's a natural transition to say, Hey, you know what, if you really enjoyed this sample, there's more right. I can do this for you. Or, you know, we can set up a time to, to connect and, and whatnot. So hopefully this tip serve you today. I just, it really spoke to me, um, when I heard it, because I was like, oh yes, it doesn't have to be this big painful before this process where you feel like you're putting your heart and soul out there to convince someone to buy your thing. It's really, how do you provide that sample so that people who like it are going to join people who are like, Nope, I don't care for that flavor. Then they'll move on and it doesn't hurt anything. Um, so there you go.

For those of you who didn't hear this day enjoy, I would love to have you share this podcast. If you love it, rate it on iTunes to get more listeners would love to continue to have a conversation with y'all on course-building secrets.

So there you go until next time.