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Hey everybody, it's Tara Bryan and you are listening to course building secrets® podcast.

Hey everybody, today I am coming at you from my the very first day of summer, which means that I'm working in my outside office, aka shuttling around the kids and, and, you know, out on location, let's put it that way. Alright, so in today's episode, I want to talk about the new opportunity that you're offering for your customers. So as you transition to really looking at how do you package what you're doing into an automated online experience, one of the things that become really important is how do you communicate what you do and how you help people without you actually being there, right. So when you are, you know, kind of in your one on one agency or your business, you tend to do a lot of a lot of sales conversations, either one on one or you in some type of phone call scenario. And so it's a lot easier to sell what it is that you offer, when you can have that conversation and really, you know, kind of dial in, you know, what are the needs that this person has? And how can you specifically help them? But when you're packaging that into a sales funnel, and really looking at how do you put your program and, and your experience online and sell it to people, you have to start thinking about how do you really dial in that messaging, that people know what you offer, and that you are the right person for them without you actually having to talk to them? And that's when we start looking at how do you communicate that by creating what we call a new opportunity versus an improvement offer. So a new opportunity is what is it that you are offering that's different than ever, everyone else that really gives that person a clearer picture of how you help them and how it's different than, you know, the 52 million other people who are doing the same thing, right? So you take so for example, let's take weight loss. So there are a million people out there who are, you know, specializing in how to help people lose weight, or how to help people eat better how to help people exercise better. So if you just lead with your offer to say, well, I can help you lose weight and feel better, and you don't give them a new opportunity, then there's no real way that they can differentiate you from somebody else's doing the same thing. So if you say, you know, I can teach you how to lose weight, or work with you to lose weight, using the Atkins diet using the no carb diet, using the intermittent fasting method using the strength only method or whatever it is, right. That's the new opportunity that you're presenting to them that's different than just the generic or same offer everyone else has. And so when you think about that, and allows you to put together some messaging, it provides clarity around that statement. So when you put in your sales funnel together, when you're really thinking about what you're going to be teaching or how you're going to be working with packaging up your program. It's the statement from Russell Brunson that I love using to kind of think through this is if I can make them believe that insert new opportunity, right, whatever it is. So by following an intermittent fasting program, that's the key to losing the weight and increasing your energy or whatever the outcome is, whatever that result is that you that you're promising that you're going to give for them, then it's only available or attainable through my program, right? So you put the program name in, or the framework or your methodology or whatever it is, then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant, which means that they have to give you money, right? So that level of clarity around what is your new offer and how does it look different? How can you? How can you position it differently? So when you're not working with people, or you're not talking to them about what you're going to sell them over the phone or in person, you actually can articulate why they would want to work with you versus someone else. And so really looking at that,

that new opportunity. So I just have been working on this lately as I really dial in kind of the opportunity that I have for the different avatars that I have, right? So I help people who are just starting a business, like how do you start a business? Right? versus, you know, just starting with one on one services, or starting with that sort of traditional method of working with project work with clients, right? So how do you? How do you grow a business that really serves you and serves your lifestyle? So that's the first thing like when you're starting a business, then when you reach a certain level of success in your business, and you have to get to that point where, oh, geez, you need something right? You need something else, there's, you're at a pivot place where you can't do it all yourself anymore. You have to hire a team, or you have to add complexity, how do you rethink where you are? And not go down that road as the first choice, right? How do you package what you're doing? First and foremost, put it online, so you can start leveraging your time better? And then And then the third is, you know, when you're scaling your business, how do you scale your business through creating more engaging, and an awesome experience for your customer that really allows them to continue working. And you know, going into higher-level programs that you have available? So when you when I think about those three things, it's what's the new opportunity for each of them because online courses in and of itself isn't really a new opportunity. There are a lot of people who, who haven't packaged their programs and put them online. And I certainly help with that. But the way that I do that is different than you know, someone else who's teaching online courses. And so when you start to break that down and think about what's the method, what's the framework, what's the methodology that I use, it's different. That's where that new opportunity comes into play. So anyway, I wanted to share that tip with you today as you do start thinking about you know, what is your proprietary way of doing it? What is that unique way of doing it? And how do you start to figure out how to communicate that in a sales funnel that that allows people to be able to just know exactly that you're the right person for them without having to have that conversation and explain are convinced them of that. So there you go. That is, you know, an exercise for you to start doing is really looking at what that unique opportunity is.

All right there you go. There is my course-building secret tip for today. I would love to hear any comments you have about this as you continue on this journey. So comment below, rate this podcast share it and I will talk to you again soon.