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Hey everybody, it's Tara Bryan and you are listening to Course Building Secrets® podcast.

Today's episode is dedicated to my wonderful friends and colleagues, and fellow course creators who really love to serve their people and make sure that they get results, offer an awesome experience and go out of their way to serve the people that they care about.

Their goal, our goal is to really be able to provide that highest level of service and make an impact, and really help people be successful, which is an awesome goal, which is an awesome way to be. I can't imagine running a business where I didn't care about the people that I was serving. And so I want to celebrate that today, but I also want to take a moment to just remind you that at the end of the day, when you think about growing and scaling your business, whether it's an online business or an offline business, the most important thing that you can do for the customers that you're serving is to make sure that what you're doing is congruent and serving you first.

And so again, this may be a message that some of you need to hear because here's what happens is that we build a business, and we are serving our people, and then sometimes we sort of get lost in that where we maybe want to go in a different direction, or we want to add an additional product, or an additional service, or a different way of showing up that serves us better, that serves our lifestyle better, that serves our goals in terms of our time and how we want to structure our days.

And sometimes that's in conflict with maybe how we've shown up and served our clients in the past. And so my challenge for you today is to really think about that. If you are in that position where you're sort of struggling with, "You know what? I've moved on. I'm thinking about doing something a little bit different, but how do I shift and pivot away from my clients that I've had for so many different years, or it means showing up and serving them differently? What will they think? How can I take care of them at the same time that I'm taking care of myself?"

And here's what I want you to hear is that by making sure that you are in alignment with yourself and you are showing up in the way that serves you, and lights you up, and makes you feel that you're living your best life, you are actually better able to serve your clients, even if it's different than how it was in the past. Because energetically, consciously or unconsciously, however, you want to think of it when you're struggling with yourself, and your priorities, and your time, and your level of happiness and impact on yourself, it affects your clients. It affects your relationships and how you're showing up. And so the best way that you can serve your people is to lead with how to show up.

So let me give you an example. So I recently have sort of transitioned a little bit of the way that I'm doing business. And again, just in personal experience, I knew I needed to shift. I had moved into sort of a different place emotionally and sort of physically, I guess, as I evolved differently in how I wanted to show up in my business.

But my clients were still expecting the same results that I had given them in the past. And so I found myself in this place where I was different, my needs were different, and I wanted to show up differently. And I felt like my clients were sort of holding me back because they wanted the same service, the same level of service that they had always gotten, but I was in a different place. And so I tried for a really long time to give them that same level of relationship, but it wasn't congruent for me anymore.

So I knew that in order for me to live my best life and show up as a business owner and entrepreneur, expert, that I wanted to, I needed to make a change, which meant I needed to change my relationship with my clients. So I almost had to ... It was kind of like I had to breakup with my clients. But I had to make that shift.

And what happened is that when I stepped into looking at my new vision, the new way that I wanted to grow and scale and show up, it actually enhanced my relationships with my clients because I was able to lead them into a new experience that was even better. Because again, I had evolved kind of into a different place that was a better relationship. I almost had to let it go in order for it to grow in the way that brought the two things back together.

Which is a scary process because you have to sort of go into the unknown, right? You have to make future-based decisions and then implement them in the present and sort of structure how that new thing is going to happen. And so for those of you who need to hear this today, I really want you to think about that is ultimate if you're ready to grow, and you're ready to sort of step into a different way of showing up, really think about how you can lead your clients into that new path. Some of them will drop off, and that's actually okay because you probably have been struggling with them anyway. But the ones who don't drop off are the ones that you know are going to stay congruent to how you want to move forward.

Because the reality is as a business owner, you really have just to stand in your ability to help your clients and help yourself really make the biggest impact that's possible. And that doesn't come from sort of being an order taker, just sort of going with the flow and doing the status quo all the time and letting your clients or your customers decide what the future looks like, what the relationship looks like. That's really up to you to lead.

And most often, when you stand for how you want to grow and move forward, the people that you've been working with, say, "Well, of course. We've just been waiting for you to do that. Or that makes sense. This going to enhance our relationship. Or they may say, "Thank you, but it's not a good fit for me anymore." And then you know that there's somebody else out there who's just waiting for you to show up as the truest version of who you are now, as you're evolving into kind of the next level of your business, your ability to kind of lead and manage and prioritize what's important in your life, as well as in your work.

So again, that is my course building secret for today. It's a little bit of a different topic, but definitely, if it's something that you need to hear, then hear it with your heart and your ears that if you're feeling that calling to do something a little bit different, it is okay for you to make that shift and really show up doing different things. And there are lots of different ways to structure that and look at that.

But it is okay for you to do that. In fact, most of the time, your customers and clients have already seen it coming because they can sense it. And so they know that there's something going on and they're waiting for you to show up in that new way.

So there you go. There is my tip for the day. I hope that you have a great rest of your day and really think about that, especially during this time, as we start sort of transitioning into maybe a new normal, maybe into something that brings us into kind of a new way of incorporating how we want to show up and live. So there you go. Have a good day.