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TLS Learning Events for February & March

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Events Around Town — Where are we?Mother'sDay_9456

The TLS Learning team supports and is actively participating in events all around town:

Here is where you may find us:

February 3 – Hosting the Twin Cities Captivate Group – join this group here or download the latest recording.

February 12 – PACT meeting – we re-connected with some old clients and talked to some new ones.

March 1 – Hosting Andersen Corporation for an E-Learning Design Boot Camp and Storyline workshop.

March 2 – Hosting the Twin Cities Captivate Group – join this group here 

March 11 – PACT meeting – we look forward to hearing Sherry Larson and Dustin Tauer have to say at this one on Learning Tapas.

March 16-18 – E-learning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference. Tara will be presenting: 808 – Take Your Courses to the Next Level: Building the Learner Experience – we just found out that it will be video recorded so look for that at a later date.

If you are attending any of these events around town, please reach out to us. We would love to see you.

Know of an event that we should attend or participate in? Add it to the comments below and we will be there.


Tara L Bryan

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Learn Academy Mentorship

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