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Add videos to your Captivate 8 courses

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Four Ways to Add Video to your Captivate  Courses

There are four main ways to add video to your Captivate courses. This article will show you how to do each one.

  1. Event Video
  2. Multi-slide Synchronized Video
  3. Closed Captioning
  4. YouTube Video

1. Event Video

  • Media > Video > Event Video>
  • Choose the file path (click the browse button)
  • Choose the appropriate properties for the video (style and options)
  • Adjust video in timeline (Show for rest of slide)
  • Advantages: Plays independently of timeline and has it’s own controls. It is great for showing multiple videos on one page or when you want the learner to control the video independently of what is happening on screen.

2. Multi-slide Synchronized Video

  • Media > Video > Multi-slide Synchronized Video
  • Choose the file path (click on browse button)
  • Decide the video type, URL (if it is on a server), where to show the video on one or more slides
  • Choose the appropriate properties (style and option) for the video
  • Advantages: There are no independent controls, so they take on the controls in the main navigation. Great for just showing a video on the screen without other design elements competing for attention. Since the controls are in the play bar, you can add closed captioning to the video easily.

3. Closed Captioning

  • Go to video properties and click on Edit Video Timing
  • Go to the closed captioning tab
  • Click the + symbol to open up a line to add CC
  • Click Play and listen to the audio and type in what you hear
  • Click the + symbol to add another line and add more
  • Repeat until all CC is there
  • Go to the Skin Editor (Project > Skin Editor) and make sure the the CC option is checked
  • To resize the CC text that appears on screen, click on the video and return to the video properties
  • Click Edit Video Timing Click the CC tab
  • Click CC Project Settings
  • Change background color, font, size and font color
  • Preview to view the results

4. YouTube Video

  • Interactions > Learning Interactions >YouTube Widget
  • Find your YouTube video and copy the url that is in the browser Paste it into the Video URL field
  • Select the appropriate playback controls
  • Make sure that the appropriate length is showing up on the timeline (select Show for rest of slide)
  • Advantages: Can stream the video from youtube and save bandwidth for the course. If it is updated elsewhere it will automatically update in the course.
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